Preview Tonight’s AGT with Golden Buzzer Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch performed on America’s Got Talent’ way back in Season 10 in 2010.

Drew’s funny, funny enough to be the runner up for Season 10. He was a promising softball player and when a grounder bounced up and hit his throat he damaged his vocal cords. Thanks to that he has a stuttering problem, which I’m sure you can imagine is rough on your life. You can either hate life after that, or you can laugh at it and make other people laugh with you.

I remember his audition when he said the reasons why he shouldn’t be the voice of a GPS, which was hilarious to watch, and good enough for a Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel. Drew’s got an awesome comeback story that only he can tell/do, and it is really great to see him back on the AGT stage. I can’t tell you if he gets the Golden Buzzer again (no spoilers and I honestly don’t know) but be sure to watch and laugh with him.


‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’