‘Prison Break’ Brings Back Dr. Sara Tancredi

The last time we saw Dr. Sara Tancredi, she was a mere decapitated head in a box. Even Prison Break star Sarah Wayne Callies put the character to rest by “mourning and grieving” the loss the doctor she played for two seasons.

Truly uncharacteristic of the show (we know how much they love to kill off their leads), the show is bringing Dr. Tancredi back for Prison Break’s fourth season.

The invitation to return was surprise to Callies too who says, “Resurrecting her was an interesting process and certainly an unexpected one.”

The actress kept tight lipped about where Tancredi’s been but teased, “She is a very different person than she was. What happened to her during the third season, which will be revealed in the first episode has changed her and I think has changed her irreconcilably and I think her big question is what of her old self can she retain…she hasn’t been in a good place and it sort of starts to make that Kellerman bathtub scene look a little bit like a picnic.”

Tancredi’s love life is about to heat up to when she reunites with her leading man Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), “They don’t know each other that well. This whole series started like six months ago. There are a lot of moments of, ‘Oh you like grapefruit? Oh, I didn’t even know that and I’m in love with you how weird.’”