PSAs ‘Glee’ Should Actually Release

Glee PSAs Schuester Sweater VestFor faithful fans, it’s hard to “just say no” to Glee, despite its recent tendency to rely on the tired “Lesson of the Week” format. With all the finesse of a high school health class video, the series has continually addressed important social issues: Virginity, Domestic Abuse, Gender Identity, etc. Yet the unrealistic, goofy series can’t seem to deliver a truly touching message about such sensitive topics.

So, instead, we suggest Glee focus on some problems the series actually has the power to change: Its own. Like the prevalence of sweater vests. SO MANY SWEATER VESTS. Not to mention Artie (and Schue, for that matter) rapping every chance he gets. And the lack of game-changing dialogue — that Kelly Clarkson song doesn’t help me get why Rachel and Finn still haven’t broken up, Glee. What is this madness? Ryan Murphy and friends, take our advice, or we may have no other choice but to post these through the hallowed McKinley halls.