‘Punk’d’ With Justin Bieber: Face Palm Of The Day

Face PalmThe sound you here is the collective slaps of thousands of palms smacking foreheads upon hearing the news that MTV is considering bringing back Punk’d. But this time, it’s Justin Bieber pulling the pranks.

That’s right, Ashton Kutcher (the OG pranker and executive producer of the new show) is looking to bring the hottest little Canadian lesbian pop star to the silver screen. I guess Bieber’s stint on CSI really wowed them?

I mean, is this really something we’re going to have to suffer through? I enjoy a good pranking as much as the next guy, but Justin Bieber? Really? I can’t think of anything more insufferable than that little snot-nosed brat laughing at the misfortune of other soon to be be C-list actors. And that’s the thing. I actually enjoyed Punk’d despite the fact it was Ashton Kutcher. Most of the pranks were well executed and pretty smart. But now we have to deal with Bieber and he’ll overshadow whatever prank they manage to squeeze out.

Unless this is a huge prank. A meta prank on the whole entertainment industry itself. Or a huge prank against Justin Bieber. Or maybe it’s one against Ashton Kutcher for cheating on Demi Moore. Or a prank on both of them. Wow, I got really paranoid for a second there.

Source: Deadline