‘Pushing Daisies’ Creator Bryan Fuller Remaking ‘The Munsters’

Bryan FullerNBC has put in an order for a pilot of a remake of The Munsters from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller. Wow, I managed to convey everything I needed to in that one sentence! Let’s shamelessly rip this apart, shall we?

Pushing Daisies was one of the greatest television shows of the past decade. It’s premature cancellation was probably the most tragic victim of the ‘07 Writer’s Strike (besides, of course, people losing their jobs and what not). It was twee as hell, but damn it had some of the finest writing around. Sure, the premise was pretty complicated but once you got into it, it was engaging. I mean, I’d rather watch a pie maker that brings back people from the dead during his side gig as an assistant PI than another cop procedural with Jim Belushi. Not to mention Kristin Chenoweth and Anna Friel being all cute and sexy.

And they reward one of the most creative minds in the industry with a remake of a 60’s knock off television show? Seriously? The Munsters was never really a favorite of mine. It used to come on after the normal kid’s programming on Nickelodeon was over. I knew when it came on it meant no more cartoons, so I might have conditioned myself to not like it. But either way, let the guy do his own thing. Besides Pushing Daisies, he also did Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, two other highly original shows canceled in their prime.

The report (I refuse to write Ausiello, wait, crap!) compares the potential series to “Modern Family meets True Blood.” But considering that it’ll air on NBC and the things that make True Blood great are essentially boobs and blood, I don’t think it’ll be a worthy competitor. And the one really awesome thing it could take from Modern Family (Sofia Vergara’s bodacious chocolate milk stirring body) isn’t exactly available. So we’ll see how this turns out.

Source: EW