Rachel and Mercedes Throw Down in New ‘Glee’ Preview

When was the last time everything on Glee felt this urgent? I’d say it hasn’t been since Season One. One thing is clear, when Ryan Murphy promises to make something better, he actually makes it better. Of course I’d prefer this season without the presence of the spoiled brat (and unnecessary character) Sugar Motta, but we can’t have everything. As for what’s coming down the line, this preview for next Tuesday’s episode reveals Brittany kicking some serious butt in the class president campaign, Rachel and Mercedes battling for the lead in West Side Story and exchanging menacing glances, all with the schmaltzy background music of gleeks covering Coldplay — another instance proving you can’t win ‘em all. Despite the song choice, this preview does exactly what it needs to do: it makes us ravenous for an answer. And we are. We really are.

Glee airs next Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

Source: TVLine

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