Rachel Bilson Tapped to Lead ‘Hart of Dixie’

Rachel BilsonAfter becoming famous at the hands of The OC and Josh Schwartz, Rachel Bilson is returning the favor. She’s in talks to star in his upcoming CW show, Hart of Dixie, about a young doctor from the big city who’s forced to switch gears and take over a small-town practice. I’m guessing she’ll be Hart and the town will be Dixie…or vice versa. It doesn’t really matter because it works either way.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Bilson do anything other than a version of her OC character, Summer, on Ritalin or some other calming substance, so I’m not sure about this one. She’s supposed to be a snooty fish out of water here, so I’m assuming her Summer skill set will apply and what we’ll get in another version of the teen character, just with a college education, bigger wallet, and her own money instead of daddy’s. To get to this point, Schwartz sort of played the Bilson shuffle. She was slated to carry his supernatural pilot for NBC, but when that got snuffed out, she hopped on over to this one. Now, she’s almost got a deal for the show, but I’d say it’s all but settled. She’s a Schwartz darling and there’s not much else that her acting skill set is suitable for. Bring on the yappy, hoity toity doctor lady.

Source: Deadline