‘Rambo’ TV Series May Land Sylvester Stallone: Should He Just Hang It Up Already?

Rambo: First Blood Part II

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Unlike that other musclebound ’80s destroyer, Sylvester Stallone never said he’d “be back.” But if Sly’s career proves anything it’s that actions speak louder than words, and so he’ll just keep coming back and back for more. The latest example? A Rambo TV series is in the works from production companies Entertainment One and Nu Image, and Stallone himself is rumored to be in talks for the title role. 

This would be the fifth time Stallone has portrayed the one-man army, the last occasion being 2008’s Rambo, a film so abysmal — in quality and in box office — that it seemed a given the character would be buried once and for all. Not so! Avi Lerner, the CEO of Nu Image, produced not only that last Rambo film but also the far more successful Expendables movies, so it does seem a legitimate possibility this Rambo series could see the light of day, though probably only as a limited run.

That said, all of this begs the following question: Sly, Isn’t It Time to Hang It Up? I mean, Jean-Claude Van Damme broke out of his kickboxing rut and is now making art films. Bruce Willis, who you called out recently on Twitter for demanding $1 million per shooting day, has upped his game by starring in Wes Anderson movies and Rian Johnson noggin-scramblers. Even Arnold had some ambition outside the confines of the action movie genre: witness the eight-year performance art piece he staged from California’s Governor’s Mansion. But Stallone seems content to just repeat the same testosterone-clogged roles over and over. Funny that such a tough-guy is in real life unwilling to do the one thing his movie characters would hop at in a second: challenge himself.

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