RHOBH Recap: She Hearts You, She Hearts You Not

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo

Season 4 has officially made it impossible to not join Team Kyle. She’s been funny, lacking in drama, and all around helpful to everyone. And although this season has been erring on the side of bore us to tears, Kyle has kept her previous nasty little attitude out of the almost non-existent drama.

Brandi, on the other hand, has been pushing us into the arms of women like Kim and Joyce. Eek. Kyle, we can understand, but Kim, Joyce … come on Brandi, stop making it easier for us to like them and not you. You’re too damn pretty to be acting this way. And we’re too damn tired of looking at Joyce as she throws her hair around and not hating her for it.

Tonight, Yolanda Foster hosted a dinner party at her house. All the girls attended with the exception of Carlton, who cancelled 45 minutes before the actual party time. Yolanda wasn’t as upset about it as her husband was, and boy, was he. Yolanda made nametags for everyone who attended the party and half of the crew had hearts by their names, half did not. Half the crew was mad about that, half the crew was not.

Brandi was sitting at the opposite end of the table as Joyce, but somehow still found the time to make fun of her and her husband. It’s impossible not to flinch as Joyce screeches baby at her husband, and even more so when he says it’s ok, he’ll be Joyce’s baby if that’s what she wants. 

Insert finger down throat.

Lisa thinks Brandi has been drinking too much but finds it funny, not worrisome. Apparently that is Joyce and her baby’s job. The baby tells Joyce she should have an intervention with Brandi, where Joyce smartly replies, she’ll leave that up to the dream team, aka the crew with the hearts on their name tags.


Brandi says she is going to stop drinking, but she sees Joyce at a dinner party and chugs two glasses of white wine, which leads to serious intoxication.

Lisa plans an intervention with Brandi, but gets side tracked when her employees, also known as the ego-inflated SUR servers, have a crisis at the restaurant. 

Kyle finds Chica, and we fall further in love with her.