Reality TV Couple Under Investigation

A reality TV couple are under investigation following accusations that they’re breaking state child labor laws in Pennsylvania. 

Jon and Kate Gosselin, the stars of hit show Jon and Kate Plus 8, have been reported to the state’s labor department for allegedly exploiting their eight young children on the program.

A spokesman for the authorities has confirmed that the couple is under investigation, but added, “Because the case is ongoing I can’t discuss the content of the investigation.”

Meanwhile, a statement from the TV network behind the show reads, “TLC fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is no exception. For an extended period of time, we have been engaged in cooperative discussions and supplied all requested information to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.”

The show follows the daily lives of the Gosselins, who are currently considering a separation following a string of marital issues.

The premiere of the new season debuted on TLC earlier this week and produced the biggest ratings ever for a show on the network.

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