18 Reasons Everyone Loved ‘Rugrats’ While Growing Up

18 Reasons Everyone Loved ‘Rugrats’ While Growing Up

The Rugrats Movie
RUGRATS MOVIE, 1998, pregnant

If you grew up in the 90’s, you were most likely a Rugrats baby. If you didn’t, then you’re probably (definitely) tired of hearing about the 90’s and how awesome Rugrats was (still is). There’s a reason this show still has people talking about it 23 years after it first started, and 10 years after the last new episode. It taught us a lot of valid life lessons, skills, and more. 

1. Angelica was the first person that taught us all what it means to “do you”:


2. She also showed us how to look really good while doing just that:


3. Basically, we didn’t admit to wanting to be Angelica, but we secretly wished we were her:


4. We learned from Spike and Tommy why dogs really are a man’s best friend:


5. Tommy and Chuckie showed us that growing up could be scary and exciting at the same time:


6. Angelica swooped right in to let us know what responsibilities are:


7. The show taught us about Moses and other religious figures in a way we could all understand:


Although, alternatively, you might have had a hard time believing your parents that Moses wasn’t Tommy Pickles.

8. They also did a pretty good job at telling us history too:


This show was more educational than another on PBS.

9. Rugrats taught us that diapers (and clothes in general) were so overrated:


10. If you were the oldest of the group, AKA The Big Cousin, then you learned a lot about how to control babies, AKA anyone younger than you:


2 days younger than you? Still a baby.

11. It was a really deep show that made us all think:


12. At a very young age, we learned just how important pizza really is:


13. Rugrats  taught us what friendship truly means:


14. You didn’t realize just how handy this phrase would wind up being:


23 years later and this still is useful.

15. We also learned the most important life lesson, that we have all carried into adulthood:


Accurate for childhood, high school, college, and being a grown-up.

16. It taught us to treat everything we loved the same way Angelica treated Cynthia:


17. Mary-Kate and Ashley made you want to be a twin? More like Phil and Lil:


18. Most importantly, we idolized Rugrats because of the valuable life lessons it taught us and, Tommy Pickles was the first boss baby there ever was:


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