14 Reasons You Should be Watching ‘The Flash’

As we said in our list of 2014-2015 TV To Watch, you need to watch The Flash. There is a lot more to this superhero on The CW than tight red spandex. Though, the suit is very nice. The Flash  is one of our favorite new shows on TV.

1. Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen/The Flash in the most lovable way:

The CW/superskyblue.tumblr.com

He plays the smart-guy well, but he never tries to compete for intelligence with his even-smarter friends. He’s got this hero complex that just makes you love him, even though he sometimes doesn’t have his own best interest in mind. It’s a very genuine performance, you never feel like Grant is trying to hard to make it work.

2. Barry and Caitlin’s friendship is proving to be one of our favorites on TV so far:

The CW/stydiaislove.tumblr.com

We can’t tell if they’re trying to turn this into something more, which yay! if they do, but we love it as it is.

3. Barry cracks the best jokes:

The CW/thatisbarryallen.tumblr.com

We don’t think he even realizes how funny he is. Honestly, he could give Spider-Man or Deadpool a run for their money when it comes to snarky humor.

4. Barry and Caitlin’s drunk adventures are wildly entertaining:

The CW/thosegrantgustinfeels.tumblr.com

We really hope this becomes a “thing”.

5. The Flash fights the bad guys and Cisco gives them names:

The CW/theflashgifs.tumblr.com

6. Arrow fans will enjoy all the crossovers:

The CW/stilesflash.tumblr.com

7. Learning the Flash’s backstory is fascinating:

The CW/theflashgifs.tumblr.com

When we first meet Barry, he’s this 25-year-old guy working at a job he loves, but isn’t with the girl that he loves. It’s interesting to watch his focus slowly leave his love life (but not disappear, superheroes date too) as he grows. We’re just waiting for the day that Superman or Batman swing by, even if it takes years to come.

8. Finding out what the hell Dr. Wells is up to is something we all need to know:

The CW/impossiblybarry.tumblr.com

You sneaky mofo Dr. Wells! We know you’re up to something and we’re ready to defend Barry…on Twitter, after each episode that is.

9. You are going to be just as excited as us to hear Joe West say “I told you so!” about Wells:

The CW/andercriss.tumblr.com

He told you Barry. He even told you Cisco! No one listens to poor Joe West. You’ll have your day soon.

10. The dynamics between Iris and the Flash are interesting:

The CW/thosegrantgustinfeels.tumblr.com

When will she find out it’s Barry? Will she ever find out? What happens if she finds out, but it’s not Barry that tells her? So much to think about.

11. The Big Bang Theory fans will find this Easter egg absolutely glorious:


12. Spoiler Alert: We want to find out if this canon couple actually winds up together:

The CW/iriiswests.tumblr.com

We’re 100% #TeamSnowbarry at the moment, but we know that Barry and Iris (#WestAllen) is endgame. Kind of like on Smallville, where you spent half the show wanting Clark to get together with Chloe or Lana, but you had to remind yourself that Lois Lane was coming.

13. Caitlin and Cisco are both insanely smart, but have their moments of dumb hilarity:

The CW/captainrayholt.tumblr.com

We love seeing two main characters on a TV show that are as smart as Caitlin and Cisco. It’s refreshing to see that you don’t need to be a superhero to save lives, since there is no way Barry could do it without their help.

14. The action and effects on The Flash are awesome:

The CW/tumblr.com

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