10 Reasons We Will Always Love Chuckie From ‘Rugrats’

10 Reasons We Will Always Love Chuckie From ‘Rugrats’

Chuckie Finster, Rugrats

I don’t know about you, but hands down Chuckie was my favorite character on Rugrats.  He understood all of my fears as a child, he made every scene so much funnier, and his story was so heart breaking at times. We gathered 10 reasons we love Chuckie in order to give more praise to the beloved character and the late voice actress, Christine Cavanaugh who voiced him.

1. He understood our troubles.


2.We aren’t that conservative, but sometimes we have to side with Chuckie.


3. We loved that he was so sensitive.


4. He understood our feelings about nature.


5. He was comfortable with his boyhood enough to do this.


6. He was the best friend a baby could have!

Best Friends.nickelodeonmemories.tumblr.com

7. He was scared of everything like us.

Chuckie sure does scare easy…bitedailytumblr.com

8. But it didn’t stop him from doing things with his friends.


9. He was always put in the funniest situations.


10. We loved his voice.


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