10 Reasons You Absolutely Must Watch FOX’s ‘Minority Report’

Minority Report, Meagan Good, Stark Sands

FOX‘s crime thriller Minority Report premiered last night, and it was super badass, as expected. The new show is a continuation of Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film of the same name. Set ten years after the PreCrime program is shut down, and the PreCogs are sent away, all is not quite as it should be. Dash (Stark Sands) one of the PreCogs, returns to Washington, D.C. in 2065 unable to escape his haunting visions. Dash teams up with Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good) on a quest to stop murders before they happen. Unfortunately, his siblings and fellow PreCogs are not on board with his quest. The first episode was definitely a thrilling ride. Here are 10 reasons you absolutely must watch FOX’s Minority Report.

1. The television show fits in nicely with the film.

In the 2002 film Minority Report starring Tom Cruise, there was a ton of concern over the ethics of the PreCrime program which is why it was shut down. A lot of those questions still arise in the series, and many of the people who have been accused of the crimes they were going to commit have lost their mental sanity. Steven Spielberg is even hooked to the show as executive producer.

2. There are a lot of fun gadgets.


If you love a ton of flashy tech stuff, you’re going to love Minority Report. Though Detective Vega and her team must solve crimes the “old fashion way” things are still a lot cooler than a 2015 audience is used to seeing.

3. Healthy french fries.

Apparently there was something called a genetic revolution that occurred which made all junk food healthy. Anytime a show can make french fries healthy is a show worth tuning into.

4. The PreCogs are at odds.


As a unit during the PreCrime era, the PreCogs were able to solve crimes together. Dash saw faces, Arthur got the names and Agatha got the rest of the information. Without his siblings on board, Dash can only see snippets of what is to come, which is extremely problematic.

5. Hilarious references to the past.

Apparently, Detective Vega’s mom met her dad on Tinder.

6. The show forces its audience to think.

Are you still guilty if you were going to commit a crime, but you were somehow prevented from doing so?

7. Meagan Good is basically a futuristic Lara Croft.

Meagan Good is a brilliant choice for Detective Lara Vega. Not only is she super talented, her character is basically Lara Croft from the future. She even has the fabulous outfits down.

8. Nick Zano as Arthur.


First and foremost Nick Zano is super hot. As a PreCog and Dash’s twin brother he has the ability to see the name of the people were are involved in murders. Instead of lending his services to the greater good, he uses his abilities to get rich, making him a very interesting and complex character.

9. Detective Vega has secrets

Something is going on with Vega and her superior Lt. Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama).  Whatever it is, it has both of them on edge at work.

10. The show is visually stunning.

Despite the TV budget, FOX’s Minority Report looks stunning. It’s like chocolate for the eyes.

Watch the trailer for Minority Report here:

Minority Report has new episodes Mondays at 9PM ET on FOX.