Rebecca Hall to Star in HBO’s ‘Parade’s End’

Rebecca HallHBO just greenlit Parade’s End, a salacious (from what we can tell) mini-series set during World War I. The series will star Rebecca Hall (The Town) and Brit actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Atonement, The Hobbit). The series pulls its story from Ford Maddox Ford’s four-book series from the 1920s.

The plot finds Cumberbatch’s conservative English aristocrat in a love triangle between his “mean socialite wife” (Hall) and “a young suffragette.” The script comes from a man who’s no stranger to difficult love stories, Tom Stoppard, who you may remember for winning the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. He also penned screenplays for Brazil and Empire of the Sun.

Of course, because this is HBO we’re talking about, this will probably be pretty great. Though, we were wrong about Mildred Pierce, so who knows.

Source: THR