Rejoice: ‘Glee’ Wisely Nears Deal with Chord Overstreet

chord overstreet back on gleeSince the end of Season 2, the fate of Glee star Chord Overstreet and his place on the series has been uncertain. First he was out, then he was back in, but only as a secondary character making his living as a teen stripper in Kentucky. (Ah, realism.) Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Overstreet is slated to come back for Season 4 to play one half of the most likable couple on the show, and act as an anchor for his lady love Mercedes so she can return to McKinley whenever she damn well pleases. Plus, aside from Blaine (Darren Criss), who we’ve already determined is the club’s new Rachel Berry, Overstreet’s Sam is one of the only juniors whose story we’re actually invested in. As such, his slated return is cause for (mild) celebration. 

Granted, the back and forth during Season 3 was certainly not all on Fox’s shoulders. The show’s creators tried to bring Overstreet back for Season 3 initially, but not as a promoted series regular, and he parted ways with the series temporarily. When he returned, he jumped quickly from teen stripper to teen sap, and did everything humanly possibly to win Mercedes (Amber Riley) back. (And in the process, won back our hearts, too.) 
Now Trouty Mouth will be one of the guys in the glee club, which is looking to be heavy on dudes after the senior class exodus. Overstreet will be joined by Jacob Artist, who’s slated to play Puck’s younger brother. (They’ll be related, but will they have the same flair for accidental puns?) 
But no matter what the ratio of dudes to ladies — and however unrealistic it might be because no show choir ever has an overabundance of testosterone — at least the series is getting one thing right: keeping the characters we care about and who are actually relevant to the main premise of the show. At least we can be certain the element of an Ohio high school and its show choir won’t go out the window completely when we’re switching back and forth between Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) New York adventures and the daily goings-on at McKinely. 
Fox has not responded immediately to’s requests for comment. 

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