‘Revenge’ Recap: And We’re Back in The Game

Revenge, Daniel and Emily at Victoria's Wedding

“We can allow ourselves to be deceived by false realities or we can use them to hide our true intentions.” Emily starts this episode of Revenge by talking about the power of illusions, leading us to assume that she’s about to work some of her own trickery to cause further illusion for others, as is so often the case after her early episode pep talks each week. Unfortunately for Emily, this time, the episode’s name alludes to the dissolving of Emily’s grand illusion. Someone has figured out her secret. And with that, a season that’s been a bit of a snooze, gets a serious wake-up call.

And that’s because this series is absolutely no fun when something big isn’t sitting right on the line, and while it’s been uncomfortable witnessing flashbacks of Emily’s mother and the Nolcorp is staring down the barrell of Grayson Global, nothing has felt immediate this season. That is until both the romantic and danger levels jumped this week.

We’ve Been Expecting You (To Make Us Swoon) Mr. Bond

Thank you, Nolan, for finally giving Aidan that worthy (and timely) Mr. Bond nickname. I quite like it. After all, while Aidan certainly betrayed Emily years ago at Takaeda’s little training camp, he’s practically irresistible. It makes sense then, that the writers couldn’t wait any longer to have him make his move. When he takes Emily as his date to Victoria and Conrad’s wedding, he immediately makes Daniel jealous. The little Grayson eventually asks Emily to dance, making overtures to her about what could have been if they hadn’t broken up. Her comment about him being able to reverse his switch to mini-Conrad is taken as an option for romantic reconciliation, but Aidan is sure to do all he can to derail that.

After the exhaustive goings on of the wedding (we’ll get there, I promise), Aidan notes his rather protective concern about Ashley’s friendship with Emily; she may have been too easy of a mark for the scheming Miss Clarke. He also makes sure to do all he can to mar Daniel’s image in Emily’s eyes, assuring her that he’s very solidly a Grayson, now more than ever. Only seconds later, he’s begging her to forgive him for his past mistakes and trying to kiss her.

It’s clear from Emily’s invigorated stare that she’s doing all she can to resist him. She wants to give in, but doesn’t, and Aidan sees her fighting. He knows he’s got a chance, and he says he’s prepared to keep trying.

Now that Jack’s occupied with Amanda, it’s so wonderful to have another (wildly enjoyable) love triangle back. As much as the childhood sweethearts storyline was compelling, Emily’s constant subversive competition with Amanda was becoming exhausting. Bring on the Brit, writers.

Speaking of Ol’ Jackie Boy…

Jack is certain that his life is about as perfect as it could be, which means it’s all about to come crashing down. Declan is ignoring Kenny (formerly Mr. Big Teeth) and his attempts to turn him against Jack because Charlotte has cleaned up her act and she’s ready to give their relationship another shot. The bar is open again thanks to Kenny’s questionable tactics, but it’s making Jack happy. (Of course, if his sheer happiness wasn’t enough of an indication, the fact that his longtime liquor provider is so against Jack dealing with Kenny and his “illegal” price demands.) And Jack, who’s experienced the swift ways in which happiness can be stolen away, feels the need to anchor his.

He proposes to Amanda, giving a speech about how one word can change everything. Of course, he’s referring to the word “yes” because he’s about to ask Amanda to marry him, but because he prefaces the proposal with a story from his childhood that fake Amanda certainly doesn’t remember, the significance of his word choice is shown in a bright light. The other lone word that could change everything is a name. Amanda’s real name. Should he find out the truth, this whole happy facade would come crashing down, and thanks to a crack in Emily’s plan, that could very well happen any day.

History Just Can’t Stop Repeating Itself

As Victoria and Conrad relive history by remarrying, Conrad doesn’t realize that he’s about to repeat yet another past mistake. Thanks to Emily’s handiwork, Mason Treadwell found Gordon Murphy’s dead body defrosting in his trailer, right where Emily left it along with Conrad’s cufflink. Her meticulous set up leads to Conrad’s arrest at his wedding, but not before Mason can call Victoria to gloat, sending her into a power trip that makes both Daniel and Conrad believe she had something to do with his sudden incarceration. And while this move was supposed to ultimately ruin Mason, he comes out okay and it’s Conrad who’s stuck owing yet another debt to the Initiative. They make another deal with him in order to give him bail, but it’s likely that the fee is going to result in yet another devastating event, much like the plane crash Conrad unknowingly finances the last time he helped them. Next: What did Mason uncover?Revenge, Victoria and Conrad WeddingAnd while Conrad certainly seems intent on exacting his revenge on Victoria, it’s not Conrad who scares her. After all, he did give her that gun to protect herself. It’s Kara, who betrays her past relationship with Gordon when she and Victoria have a little post-wedding chat. While Kara should be happy her former captor (to Victoria’s knowledge) has been dispatched, she’s very clearly saddened by the loss. Kara hides her wedding ring and enjoys a flashback to a sunny, romantic day in bed with Gordon as he pledges his love and promises to quit the Initiative for her. But it’s the way in which she looks at Victoria as she edges her up against her balcony wall, talking about how much it hurts to lose the one you love that is really terrifying. And it’s not because we’re worried Kara will try to kill Victoria (there can only be so many miraculous survivals and balcony accidents in a season), it’s because Victoria is so clearly terrified of David Clarke’s former wife. No one, not even a murderous Conrad has put that much fear in Victoria. It seems that while Emily has secretly decided to forgive her murderous mother, Kara isn’t done tormenting the Hamptons set. Thank God.

Nolan’s Trouble in Paradise

Now that he knows Padma’s been less than truthful with him, Nolan is determined to figure out whose side she’s on. Daniel and Ashley invite Nolan and his lady friend to Victoria’s wedding to see just how aware the Nolcorp CEO and CFO are of Aidan and Daniel’s plan to uncover the truth behind Nolcorp’s connection to Grayson Global. Daniel doesn’t get much from Padma, who retracts her inquiry into the account. Nolan, however, gets the answer he needs for now when he asks Padma about her meeting at Grayson. She swears she didn’t realize what she was doing and we’d believe her if this wasn’t a show that survived on double-crosses. It seems that Padma may just be an expert at making doe eyes. Nolan gives her one way out: she needs to be willing to go as far as it takes to undo the damage she’s just done. And I can almost bet that means a little sinister accounting. Though, after what she’s done, I wouldn’t trust her with anything that important either.

And It All Falls Down

The thing about Emily’s grand plans is that they only work if she can control every little piece of the puzzle, and that when the pieces she can’t control fall out of place, she’s ready to spin the situation in another direction. Unfortunately, she actually can’t be everywhere, controlling everything. After she thoroughly coaches Amanda on the story to back up her mysterious case of the disappearing burn scar, Mason seems to eat up every last bread crumb she strategically lays before his feet. The investigative reporter hops like a spaniel over to Gordon’s trailer, where he sets Conrad’s arrest in motion.

Emily put this all in motion as a way of ruining Mason, but we’re not sure how because she hasn’t told anyone except Aidan. Unfortunately, after Mason and Victoria run into each other at Grayson Manor, Victoria can’t help but tell Mason that Emily went to Juvi. Suddenly, he’s no longer interested in the Graysons. He realizes that he’s been duped and by episode’s end, he knows exactly how he and everyone else in the Hamptons has had the wool pulled over their eyes. He knows that Emily and Amanda switched identities. Honestly, it’s a wonder no one, including Mason, has managed to go this long without finding out Emily’s secret.

Now, a bombshell of this level feels a little like the end of the world, but let’s not forget we’re dealing with Emily Thorne. She’s not going to be shamed out of the Hamptons. She’ll do everything she can to keep her secret buried, it’s just a matter of figuring out what she’s willing to give up…

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