‘Revenge’ Recap: Commitment

revengeS1E13: You would think that nothing could beat last week’s episode of Revenge where we discovered that Charlotte is actually Emily’s half sister (OMG!), but this week’s episode was just as solid, as we slowly reached the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Daniel’s proposal to Emily! And it was enough to make any girl swoon. I think I speak for everyone when I say Daniel did a superb job of whisking Emily (and all of us) off our feet. Of course, we know these two are nowhere close to living happily ever after – we all still remember that opening scene of the series with Daniel’s allegedly dead body – however, we’ll take all the romance we can get for the time being. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves; there’s still plenty of other drama to get through before we come full circle.

“It isn’t really our choices that define who we are, but our commitment to them.” – Emily

Emily shares this new found information about Charlotte with Nolan, who is becoming more and more concerned with how Emily’s actions are going to start seriously hurting the wrong people – like Jack and Daniel or even Charlotte. But Emily ignores his warning, still determined to carry on with her plot for vengeance no matter what the cost. Her plan is to frame the fake Amanda for the burning of Mason Treadwell’s house, which would get both Victoria and Amanda out of her hair and off her trail. She goes to Amanda, acting like a concerned friend, and warns her that Victoria burned down the house and will most likely try to pin it on her or someone she cares about. But since fake Amanda isn’t exactly known for thinking ahead, she ignores Emily’s plea of caution. So, what does Emily do? She plants the tapes in Amanda’s room, framing her for a crime she didn’t really commit. Sound familiar?


Meanwhile, the battle continues between Victoria and Conrad, only this time the odds of winning are in Conrad’s favor. Thanks to Emily’s anonymous package, (oh yeah, she keeps one of the tapes of the David Clarke’s confession to Conrad), Conrad orders a DNA test and discovers Charlotte isn’t really his daughter. And while this is pretty upsetting for him, the knowledge offers him the perfect leverage against Victoria. He gives her an ultimatum: either she accept whatever dismal amount he decides to give her in the divorce or he’ll take her to court and tell the world about her affair with an accused terrorist.

“I may have Jack’s blood on my jacket, but you’ve got it all over your hands.” – Nolan

But Victoria is not one to be thwarted. She immediately suspects that Amanda’s the one who sent Conrad the tape, so she invites her over to lunch and a little heart-to-heart. And between all the fake smiles and forced conversation, nothing all that thrilling happened – that is until Victoria takes Amanda’s spoon after she leaves and requests a DNA test to prove whether or not she is, in fact, the real Amanda Clarke. Victoria’s lawyer friend is on Emily’s side the entire time and intercepts the DNA test before Victoria can discover the results aren’t a match (given the fact that Emily is the real Amanda).

But Victoria’s wrath doesn’t end there. She also sends a henchman over to Jack’s bar to find the tapes she’s sure Amanda has, but Jack catches him mid-theft and is seriously injured when he tries to stop the intruder. Sure, Jack is just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it shows Emily her actions can have severe consequences.

In light of what happened to Jack, Emily tells Amanda the truth. She explains how the Graysons framed her father and that she’s in the Hamptons to take her revenge against every single one of them. But in order to do that – without more people getting hurt – she needs Amanda to leave town. And now that she knows the truth, Amanda surprisingly agrees and leaves without even saying goodbye to Jack. Poor Jack; it’s been a rough episode for him this week. And things are bound to get even worse now that we discovered there’s still one interview tape of David Clarke hidden under Jack’s bed. I wonder who’s going to find it.


“If you let me, I’d like to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me. Emily Thorne, will you marry me?” – Daniel

In the midst of all the chaos and double-crossing, Daniel manages to pull off quite the romantic proposal to Emily. He plans a private dinner on a yacht, with white lights all around, and then there’s the kissing in the rain; it doesn’t get much better than that. Right, ladies? Of course, Emily says yes since it’s all part of her devious plan to get revenge on Victoria, but it’s obvious she’s starting to feel guilty about using Daniel this way. And that feeling more than doubles after Jack is injured. In fact, she even decides to call off the engagement and take a step back from her revenge gig for a while since it keeps hurting too many innocent people. But before she can verbalize anything to Daniel, he reveals that Victoria is now accusing David Clarke of raping her – it’s her explanation of how she got pregnant with Charlotte. Victoria has now reached a new level of evil. This new accusation against Emily’s father rekindles her desire for revenge, making it stronger than ever before. Forget ending the engagement – she’s set on bringing Victoria down now, more than ever.

So there you have it. I would’ve thought by now I’d be getting impatient to get to the engagement party, but every episode is so jam-packed with exciting new plot twists, that I’m too enthralled to notice. I also like how this new accusation against Emily’s father has once again affirmed that she’s doing the right thing by seeking revenge. It’s nice to see her feel guilty at times, so we know she’s still human, but the story is at its best when she’s got a  one-track mind for vengeance. I just can’t wait to see when Emily and Victoria finally come head-to-head. Sparks are going to fly.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you sad to say goodbye to fake Amanda or did you think it was time for her to go? Who do you think will be next on Emily’s payback list? Get at me in the comments below!