‘Revenge’ Recap: Daniel Faces the Consequences of Tyler’s Murder

revengeS1E16: Revenge is a show that thrives on suspense. Even when Emily’s not striking with vengeance at her enemies, the show manages to sustain our interest with love triangles, dinner parties, and even a little gun play. It’s a concept that seems to work oh-so well for this series and tonight I realized why: because it never gives anything away too soon and always leaves us wanting more. While the show’s main theme usually centers around Emily’s obsession with revenge, it never becomes repetitive or stagnant because so many other factors come into play, distracting her from fully reaching her goal. And though we may pretend to complain about Emily’s various obstacles, secretly we’re grateful for them. After all, if she succeeds then there’s no longer a purpose for the show.

And this episode serves as the perfect distraction by shifting the focus more on everyone else’s struggles instead of Emily’s. We already know Emily’s motivation for her actions, but we’ve learned much less about all the other characters, so it was certainly a welcome change of pace. Forget everything you once thought you knew about this show and its characters, because if this series has taught us anything it’s that nothing is as it seems. (And that’s why we love it). And as it turns out, these people are capable of almost anything in the midst of a good scandal.

“In a crisis you quickly find out who your real friends are.” – Emily

Right off the bat, we’re pulled into the aftermath of Tyler’s shocking death. And although we’re thoroughly relieved that Daniel wasn’t the one who got shot (whew!), the Grayson golden boy’s troubles are far from over, especially now that he’s the primary suspect for murder.

With a dead body and only circumstantial evidence to go on, everyone gets brought into the police station for questioning to help discover what really happened on the beach. Daniel claims to not remember anything about what happened since he supposedly blacked out. However, he’s not completely telling the truth. He does remember some things, like Tyler saying Emily can’t be trusted and even recalls Tyler holding up a picture that proves Emily’s true identity. Luckily, his memory is too cloudy to discipher the significance of the photo and after a brief talk with Emily, his concerns are immediately dissolved. However, that still doesn’t help Daniel look any less guilty, especially after a photo of him covered in blood is leaked to the press. Things certainly aren’t looking too good for the Grayson family.

“I don’t care who you’re protecting or why but as of now I’m going to start protecting you.” – Declan

Jack’s going through some inner turmoil of his own. Thinking that Amanda had a hand in Tyler’s death, he tries (and fails) to contact her and make sure she’s alright. Along the way, he finds the $5 million wire transfer receipt she stole from Tyler after he blackmailed Emily. Thinking the money was sent to Amanda from the Graysons as some sort of payout, he turns to Nolan for answers, who advises him to just forget about it. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

Meanwhile, Declan proves to be quite the detective in this episode and recognizes his brother’s hoodie as the same one he and Charlotte saw by Tyler’s body at the beach. Knowing that his brother is innocent and merely covering up for someone, Declan vows to protect Jack no matter what. It’s a sweet moment and shows that even in the midst of a scandal, Declan is willing to put family first. And it seems like he’s going to have a lot more on his plate soon now that Charlotte’s Vicodin addiction is continuing to rear its ugly head. She’s about to make some bad decisions, that’s for sure.

Speaking of bad decisions, we finally learn what tied the Graysons to the Flight 197 disaster they pegged on David Clarke. A flashback shows Conrad had laundered money for the group that claimed responsibility and his involvement could have destroyed the entire company. This further proves just how far this family will go to put their own needs above innocent people, especially in light of a scandal.


“A conflicted heart feeds on doubt and confusion.” – Emily

After gun residue is found on Daniel’s jacket, he’s immediately arrested for first degree murder, forcing him to reveal what happened between him and Tyler. Daniel admits to shooting Tyler once in the chest during a struggle, however, he immediately blacked out afterward and can’t recall anything else. The only problem is Tyler was shot three times: once in the chest and twice in the back. His attorney suggests there could have been a third party on the beach who struck Daniel from behind after the first shot was fired, setting him up to take the full blame. But who would want to do that to the Graysons? They automatically think of Amanda Clarke, who is currently MIA.

But it’s not just their enemies they have to worry about. It turns out Ashley — who has become the Grayson family PR rep — was the one who leaked the photo of Daniel in order to advance her career. It’s a rather bold move for someone who’s been portraying herself as such a pushover in previous episodes. Who knows what else this girl is capable of.

But Revenge was kind enough to leave its viewers with some answers in regards to the beach showdown. A flashback shows Emily running into her house after Tyler’s murder only to find her Sensei there waiting for her. They fight and he reprimands Emily for allowing her plan to go off track. However, he also recalls what actually happened. It turns out he was the one who knocked Daniel out from behind and shot Tyler (who wasn’t dead yet) two more times in the back. It was the only way he could obtain the photo Tyler planned on using to expose Emily. He also said that he “took care of” Amanda as well, though it’s unclear if that means that she’s dead. He also warned Emily that Jack was on the beach that night as well, which could mean more trouble for both of them. But we’ll have to wait until April to find out more since Revenge is now officially on hiatus until then. 

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you enjoy seeing a different side to these characters or do you wish it had been more Emily-centric? Were you surprised who the second shooter turned out to be? Sound off below or get at me on Twitter @KellyBean0415.