‘Revenge’ Recap: Duress

revenge duress daniel and emilyS1E11: Welcome to Hollywood.com’s very first recap of the ABC hit show, Revenge! The editorial team collectively decided that this show is far too intriguing not to cover, so we decided to rectify that in 2012. And being a big fan of the show myself, I was more than happy to offer up my recapping skills for such a worthy cause. Ten episodes have come and gone since the show premiered in September and what a wild ride it has been so far.

But first, a little refresher course: Wealth, power and status all drive and define the people in the Hamptons and Emily Thorne is out to destroy each and every one of them for the sake of revenge. Using an alias, Emily has strategically placed herself in the lives of all the people responsible for framing her father for a crime he didn’t commit. He was killed while serving his prison sentence and now it’s time for payback…with a vengeance. What goes around comes around, as they say.

And now that the show’s winter hiatus is over, we find Emily once again seeking revenge among her fellow Hampton-ites. But things aren’t going quite as smoothly as she would like. Tyler quickly manages to overstay his welcome and becomes increasingly unstable as the episode progresses, causing Daniel’s intimate birthday celebration to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, Charlotte becomes a pawn in Conrad and Victoria’s bitter divorce battle, and Emily watches her ultimate plan begin to unravel. Never a dull moment in the Hamptons!

“Subtly is not her strong suit when it comes to parties.” – Daniel

With Daniel’s birthday coming up, Emily works extra hard to make sure it’s a night he never forgets – and it definitely is, thanks to Tyler. Now that Tyler knows (and has proof) that the Graysons did in fact frame David Clarke (Emily’s deceased father), he sets out to blackmail Conrad, offering his silence in exchange for money. But before any deal can be made, Emily steals back Nolan’s webcam (containing the evidence Tyler needs to threaten the Graysons) and places it strategically in her house, but not before stumbling upon Tyler’s anti-psychotic prescription bottle…which just happens to be empty. That’s right folks, Tyler isn’t just acting crazy; he actually IS crazy.

“It does appear that you dispicable people are starting to rub off on me.” – Tyler

But Tyler isn’t the only one up to no good. Daniel pretends to make nice with Conrad, as a way to infiltrate his father’s company and help Victoria bring him down once and for all. And luckily for her, Victoria’s lawyer is almost as ruthless as she is when it comes to winning. This week Victoria and Conrad find themselves in the middle of their very first divorce meeting with their lawyers, bartering over who should get what. Originally, Victoria’s lawyer planned to say that since she was pregnant at the time the pre-nup was drafted, she was “under duress” and therefore not “mentally competent” to agree to its terms (thus rendering the entire pre-nup null and void). A genius idea, right? Well, it would be, but the problem is Victoria wasn’t really pregnant when she got married. She only said she was in order to get Conrad to marry her and then she conveniently “miscarried.” But no worries, because her lawyer is able to find a doctor willing to lie under oath and back up the lie. It looks like Conrad’s bank account is going to be in for a world of hurt…cha-ching.


“Ty can be very unpredictable when he’s off his meds.” – Tyler’s brother

Meanwhile, Tyler – who has now become completely unhinged from his lack of medication – stops by Nolan’s house to stab him in the arm and demand information as to the whereabouts of the stolen webcam. But Nolan’s laptop does the talking for him when Tyler notices that the live video feed is coming from inside Emily’s house. Oh, and Emily just happens to choose that exact moment to reveal where she keeps her gun. So, after tying up Nolan, Tyler heads out to crash Daniel’s birthday party and give the guests a little reality check.

And sure enough, Tyler arrives at the gathering with Emily’s gun in hand, but before any shots could be fired, Nolan arrives with Tyler’s brother, who provides just enough of a distraction for Jack to disarm him, which I have to admit was a little bit of a let down, especially given all the build up the promos seemed to portray. But afterward, it was discovered that, surprisingly, there were no bullets in the gun (even though Emily usually keeps it loaded), so even if Tyler had tried to fire a shot, no one would’ve been hurt anyway. And since Emily also managed to implicate Tyler in Frank’s death, it’s unlikely he’ll be seeing anything but the inside of a padded cell for quite some time. Convenient right? Almost as if that was someone’s plan all along…

So what did you think of the episode? Did you think the gun scene was a little anti-climatic? And, more importantly, who do you think is next on Emily’s revenge list? Sound off in the comments section below!