‘Revenge’ Recap: Perception

revengeS1E14: After two weeks of re-runs, Revenge fans were more than ready to get back to the non-stop action this show seems to provide time and time again — and this episode was no exception. However, the excitement and intrigue stemmed more from emotional mind games than actual trauma (like say, burning a house down). Now that the secret’s out about David Clarke being Charlotte’s real father it’s simply a question of who’s going to find out next. Of course, Emily views this as a perfect opportunity to bring Victoria down…especially with Conrad’s father around to witness the scandal firsthand. But can she go through with it, even if it means throwing her sister under the bus to do it? And let’s not forget that this is all leading up to next week’s even bigger episode of Emily and Daniel’s engagement party. That’s right, we’re only one week away from finding out who actually got shot! Deep breaths, people. Deep breaths.

“In reality our perception is often clouded by expectations, by experiences. As of late I find my perception is blinded by only one thing…revenge.” – Emily

After Victoria cried rape against Emily’s father, she’s determined now more than ever to get her revenge on Victoria. So she devises a plan to have the whole paternity scandal revealed (via David Clarke’s taped confession) during a dinner at the Grayons’ with everyone in attendance….including Conrad’s father. Apparently the chairman of Grayson Global is a little worried his son’s divorce will do damage to the company’s name, so he came to see just how bad things have gotten. That little tape could majorly determine the entire company’s future from that point forward – not to mention the repercussions it could have on Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Daniel is trying to convince his mother to come clean about the whole thing with Charlotte, saying that she deserves to know the truth. However, Victoria doesn’t agree with her son’s logic and makes a deal with Conrad. She’ll dutifully allow the divorce to go through quietly and relatively hostile-free if he promises to continue to treat Charlotte like his own daughter and never tell her the truth of who her real father is. And since Conrad is determined to prove to his father that the company is still in good hands, he accepts the terms and even makes an effort to reconnect with Charlotte at the family dinner later that evening. After witnessing this tender exchange, Emily decides to abort her plan and not show the tape after all. Could it be that Emily’s cold heart is beginning to unthaw?


“You want that tape so bad, you get it from him.” – Amanda

In other news, Jack is on the road to recovery after his brutal beating from Victoria’s henchman, however, the same can’t be said of his heart. Ever since Amanda left, Jack has been trying to get in touch with her, calling her cell all the time. And since Emily is now in possession of said phone, she’s feeling a little guilty about the whole thing. But things start to take a turn for the worst when Jack finds one of Mason Treadwell’s tapes under his bed (I guess the henchman missed one while making his quick exit). And although he doesn’t look at it right away, it prompts him to leave an urgent voicemail on Amanda’s phone, saying that if she wants her tape back then she has to meet up with him. Of course, Emily is the one to actually hear the voicemail and becomes dead-set on Jack not learning what’s on that tape. So she gets in touch with Amanda and has her meet up with Jack in order to get the tape back, but it doesn’t work. Jack’s too hurt and upset by Amanda’s cold demeanor and storms off with the tape in hand, determined to find out what was worth ruining what they had together.

But it’s okay, Emily (as always) has a backup plan. Apparently, Nolan owns a device that would be able to obscure the video when he tries to look at the tape, but when Jack comes over to for the viewing, Nolan can’t go through with it and lets him really see what’s on the tape, thinking that he deserves to know the truth. And what truths does the tape hold? A ten-year-old Amanda, who reveals that Victoria was having an affair with her father. She’s desperate and scared and feels all alone in the world, so of course this enrages Jack and he storms out to track down Amanda. Jack spends some time banging on Amanda’s apartment door, trying to get her to open up and talk to him about what he saw on the tape. Thoroughly confused and angry about the situation, Amanda calls Emily, asking her why she made her confront Jack if she was just going to let him see the tape anyway? Of course, Emily was completely unaware any of this had taken place and she attempts to calm Amanda down. But Amanda’s sick and tired of listening to Emily, so she decides to chase after Jack — possibly to tell him the truth about who she really is. Uh-oh.


“If you don’t stop telling lies about Amanda Clarke, I’m going to start telling the truth about you.” – Jack

But Jack’s already moved on to his next destination: the Grayson’s dinner party. He storms in and immediately calls Victoria out for having an affair with David Clarke and condemns her for leaving Amanda abandoned and alone. That’s when things begin to unravel and it’s truth time at the Grayson household. Since Jack got the ball rolling, Conrad thinks now would be the perfect time to tell Charlotte that David Clarke is her biological father, which leads to her storming out of the room. This prompts Daniel to come to his mother’s defense, saying how it was a product of rape, but Conrad assures him that this was an ongoing affair, which leads Victoria to storm out of the room. And to top things off, all this makes Conrad’s dad realize that he wants his son to step down as CEO and appoint Daniel as the new leader of the company. So in case you couldn’t tell, the dinner isn’t exactly going very well.

But the real twist of the night is when Emily returns to her place to find her secret floor board uncovered with a wedding RSVP slip on top of everything. It’s unclear if someone actually removed contents from the floor board or if this act was simply to send a message to Emily, saying that this mystery person is onto her. Either way, it’s not good because now Emily isn’t the one with the upper hand anymore. Someone else knows the truth, but who? I’m slightly suspicious that it could be Victoria’s assistant, Ashley, especially after her little interaction with Conrad where he asked her what her angle in all this was. It just seems a little too convenient for that to amount to nothing. Plus, we didn’t really see much of her throughout the episode — was that because she was staking Emily’s place out? Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough, but for now we’ve got a lot more to look forward to: like the infamous engagement party. Next week we’re FINALLY going to see how it all went down.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Who do you think the RSVP is from? How excited are you for next week’s episode?