‘Revenge’ Recap: Who’s The Victim of the Engagement Party Murder?

revengeS1E15: Tonight’s episode of Revenge finally answered the on-going question viewers have had from day one: who was shot at Emily and Daniel’s engagement party? Now, of course, we’ve had our suspicions about who it is (or at least who they wanted us to think it was), but it was nice to finally have some closure on the whole mystery. Well, sort of. As always, the show left us with all new mysteries to ponder for weeks to come. But there is so much to get through before the bullets started to fly.

If you recall, last week Emily came home to discover that someone went through her secret floorboard and now knows all of her deepest, darkest secrets — including that she is really Amanda Clarke. This is a crucial turning point because it demonstrates how things are slowly beginning to spiral out of Emily’s control. At the beginning of the season, every move she made was precise and calculated whereas now, due to unexpected circumstances, she’s forced to raise the stakes not because she wants to, but because she needs to. This, of course, opens up the opportunity for more mistakes to be made and thus Emily risks revealing her true identity. The fact that someone has found Emily out is very telling, but also makes the show so intriguing. If she didn’t run into any problems along the way then the story wouldn’t be half as fun. But enough with my opinions — let’s get on to the main event!


“Emily’s not your friend Amanda. She’s your competition.” – Tyler

In practically no time at all Emily discovers that her mystery thief is none other than Tyler. Remember Tyler? He was Daniel’s roommate in college, went a little crazy after going off his meds, and held the Grayson family at gunpoint during Daniel’s birthday celebration. Good times. Well, he’s fresh out of the looney bin and still has an affinity for firearms. He’s taken Amanda captive along with Emily’s precious box of secrets and demands that she meet up with him for a ransom drop. Oh, and if Emily makes any attempts to cancel her little engagement party then he’ll reveal all her secrets. Emily agrees, however, and we all know this isn’t about money. Emily implicated Tyler in Frank’s murder, so he wants the same thing that Emily wants: revenge. Ironic, right?

And Tyler soon finds an ally in Amanda once he shows her the contents of the box, proving that she was a mere pawn in Emily’s quest for revenge. When Tyler goes to meet up for the ransom drop, he and Amanda get the jump on Emily and they leave with both the money (electronic fund) and the box still in their possession, along with Emily’s gun.


“Every quid deserves a quo.” – Conrad’s father

Charlotte is still going through a rough time trying to deal with the aftermath of learning that David Clarke is her biological father. In fact, it gets to the point where Declan suggests she go to a therapist to work out her problems, however, Conrad’s father doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. After all, if word got out about Victoria’s affair then that could potentially soil the good Grayson name, and therefore make the company suffer. So he proposes a deal: forget about therapy and he’ll put in a good word for Declan to get into her private school. And being that she’s a teenage girl, she agrees to the terms. As an alternate form of therapy, she starts popping Jack’s pain meds — so you know that’s going to become a problem somewhere down the line.

Speaking of Jack, he’s about to set sail for parts unknown for an exciting new job offer. So, after a few sentimental goodbyes with Emily and Nolan, he heads over to his boat to ship out. However, his plans get interrupted when Amanda shows up, begging him to take her with him. So what happened to her little team up with Tyler? After pulling her little double-cross on Emily, Tyler informs her about how Emily framed Tyler for Franks murder. He explains how she had planted Frank’s wallet into his pocket for the cops to find, making it look like he did it and not her. See, because Tyler thinks Emily was the one to really kill Frank, but that’s not the case at all. Amanda killed Frank to protect Emily from being found out. So Emily was actually covering up for Amanda, not herself. This little detail makes Amanda have a change of heart about the whole hating Emily thing, which made her decide to bash Tyler over the head and escape to run away with Jack.

And being the nice guy that Jack is, he welcomes her back with open arms, but it doesn’t last. When Jack informs her how Emily always stood up for her no matter what other people said, it prompts her to jump into a cab and drive away. And, of course, Jack follows her. This poor guy really can’t catch a break.

“Daniel is about to find out just how bad his taste in women really is.” – Tyler

As the engagement party gets into full swing, we find Emily is hiding a new gun under her evening dress — an impressive feat to say the least. Her friend and trainer makes an appearance and hands over her stolen box (wrapped as a wedding gift). Apparently he was able to retrieve it from Tyler’s clutches and tells Emily to go bury it out by the water, so no one else can find it. And she does, even though security is a bit lax by the beach. While out there she runs into Daniel and the two of them have a heated discussion about their future. Daniel wants to run away to Paris together, but when Emily doesn’t share in his excitement he gets angry and storms off.

Now that he’s all alone and vulnerable, Tyler appears with gun in hand, telling him that Emily isn’t the woman he thinks she is. Tyler grabs Daniel’s phone and texts Emily to return to the beach so they can talk, though his ultimate plan is to make it look like Emily killed Daniel. An eye for an eye, as they say. Now cut to Jack following Amanda all the way out to the beach, where he finds her hovering over a man’s dead body. Of course, Jack immediately assumes that Amanda’s responsible, so he tells her to go out by the truck and he’ll take care of this. But before he can really do anything with the body, Declan and Charlotte appear for a little skinny-dipping session and notice Jack from far away (though they don’t know it’s Jack because he has his hood up). Cut to Charlotte running and screaming back to the party, yelling about how Daniel is in trouble. So everyone heads toward the beach where it’s discovered that the dead body is….TYLER! Not Daniel! He’s alive and well, but he’s got blood all over his white tux (that’s going to be one tough dry cleaning job).

So now it’s just a question of Who Dunnit? Was it Amanda who was previously seen hovering over the dead body? Perhaps she did this as a way to make up for betraying Emily earlier. Or is it Daniel? He’s covered in massive amounts of blood, after all. He certainly looks like the guilty one here, but as you can see on this show — nothing is what it seems.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you relieved that Daniel is still alive? Who do you think killed Tyler? Sound off in the comments below or get at me on Twitter @KellyBean0415.