‘Revolution’ Midseason Finale: We Want Answers Before the 4-Month Hiatus!


When NBC announced that tonight’s Revolution midseason finale would be the last episode for four months, fans were disappointed. Four months is a long time to wait for answers to such a high stakes show! And you know tonight’s episode is only going to raise the stakes even higher as the hour ends on a cliffhanger that answers some questions while simultaneously raising bigger ones.

As we go into tonight’s midseason finale, we have all four Mathesons in the same city for the first time since the pilot: Rachel and Danny are captives in Monroe’s headquarters, which Miles and Charlie are about to storm. We are about to have our first present day face-to-face (non-hallucinated) meeting of Monroe and Miles, as well as a possible mother-daughter reunion between Rachel and Charlie. Monroe’s master plans will finally be revealed. And then there are those power pendants…

Before Revolution says farewell for four months, there are some questions we need answered in tonight’s episode. We’re patient people… but not that patient!

Will Miles and Monroe fight or embrace when they finally reunite?

Ditto with Charlie and her presumed-dead mother, Rachel.

Will we finally learn why Rachel willingly turned herself in to the Monroe Militia? What has she been doing all these years?

Will Miles and Charlie successfully rescue Danny? What will they do with Rachel?

Will we learn how the power pendants work, and where the rest are hidden?

Will Monroe use his power pendant for weapons? Just what is his master plan?

Will Rachel succeed in building her bomb?

Will we learn more about the Department of Defense creep Randall?

The Revolution midseason finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and returns on March 25, the same night as the premiere of the new cycle of The Voice.

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