‘#RichKids of Beverly Hills’ Proves That We Never Get Tired Of Watching The Ugly Behavior Of Pretty People With Money

#Richkids of Beverly HillsE!

You know that feeling when you watch a trailer for a new reality show, and you’re rolling your eyes the whole way through, marveling at the ridiculousness of the society in which we live? But by the end of the trailer you secretly admit to yourself that you’re totally going to watch the show… well, at least the first episode? Yeah. Welcome to #RichKids Of Beverly Hills:

Call it a guilty pleasure, call it an obsession with how the other half (well, really, the one percent) lives, but we probably need to stop watching these shows, right? This is one more reality series that proves we will never get tired of watching pretty people (in this case, BFFs Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart) with pretty bank accounts behaving badly… and there’s something a little depressing about that fact. How many of us are going to tune into this, and — if we do — are we supporting the vapid, bitchy/douchey movement therein? All important questions to ponder until the Sunday, January 19th premiere of E!’s #RichKids Of Beverly Hills.