If Anyone Can Make the Gold Rush Sexy, It’s Richard Madden

Richard MaddenGabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Fresh off the most devastating episode of television ever, Richard Madden is back on our television screens. And this time, he’s got an American accent and a hankering for the shiny stuff.

The Game of Thrones star plays prospector Bill Haskell, who finds gold, danger, and Abbie Cornish out in the Yukon in this Discovery miniseries. If this one-minute trailer truly represents the rest of the series, we are in for plenty of brooding looks, quick-draws and some very sexy old-timey PDA. Though the best part is obviously when Haskell dons a very King-in-the-North-style fur coat. Are you excited for Klondike? Let us know in the comments!