Rick Fox Eliminated From ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Despite receiving a higher score from the judges than Bristol Palin on Monday night, Rick Fox and partner Cheryl Burke were eliminated last night on Dancing with the Stars. Here was his last quickstep. But before you play it, please acknowledge the blurry screenshot that shows how open his mouth was while he was dancing. 

In all actuality, I can’t really defend or mourn his departure because he just looks too weird and too green and seems to be one of those people that makes the good stuff seem dirty and wrong and can turn anything into prison talk. I’m not sure if it’s his monstrous stature or his green jacket that belongs to a very presumptuous piano player that resulted in him get the boot… but he’s not a dancer. He’s a basketball player who’s with Eliza Dushku.Which, to his credit, he realizes! Oh his exit, he said, “It’s been a transformational journey for me. It’s been amazing. My relationship has transformed with my girlfriend and with my daughter.” He then compared being on the free-throw line during game seven of some NBC championship to the stress that is Dancing with the Stars, but audiences still don’t believe in statements that the show is hard unless they’re coming from Jennifer Grey. So sayonara, Rick Fox! Take your failed TV star of a girlfriend and your wide-eyed innuendos with you!

Source: Huffpo