Ricky Gervais Wants Pandas To Try Harder: Late Last Night

You should probably have some headphones at the ready, but you just clicked on an article about a Ricky Gervais interview, so you probably already knew that you were getting into some NSFW content. The comedian stopped by The Daily Show last night to chat with Jon Stewart about his new HBO show, Life’s Too Short, but the interview quickly descends into madness when Gervais gets going about his issues with pandas and their willingness to to procreate. As he sees it, someone’s just not trying hard enough.

Viola Davis is a name we’re hearing a lot lately, thanks to her award-winning performance in The Help, but it would seem that in her off time, she’s noticed for another reason. During her interview on the Late Show with David Letterman, Davis explained the joys of having a young daughter – and the downside. Let’s just say, thanks to the youngster’s curiosity, a few Whole Foods shoppers learned a whole lot about the actress in one swift move.

If you haven’t yet experienced Puppy Conan, you are seriously missing out. And last night, Conan took things a little further. Besides the original characters Puppy Conan and Puppy Andy Richter, the apparently recurring skit added a new cuddly character: Puppy Lady Gaga. No offense, real Gaga, but this puppy looks cuter in metalic mesh than you do. Now, stop reading this and watch some puppies.