‘Ringer’ Recap: A Whole New Kind of Bitch


ringerS1E5: Last week Ringer left fans with an enormous cliffhanger, making everyone throw their remotes in frustration that they had to wait another week before finding out what happens next. Same holds true for tonight. After Bridget outed herself to Gemma about her true identity, Gemma has a decision to make – does she come clean and tell everyone what she knows or use it to her own advantage? Of course, in this episode she chooses the latter and adds the one element that this show was missing: blackmail. Since Gemma now knows that Henry was cheating on her with her best friend, she wants proof in order to leave him with nothing. So she threatens to reveal Bridget’s secret unless she sleeps with Henry in order to help set him up. But things don’t exactly go according to plan and we end up saying goodbye to someone for good. At least that’s what it looks like, but that’s the beauty of this show — you’re never quite sure what to expect.

Tonight was also the return of Malcolm and Juliet, two people we haven’t heard from in the past few episodes. Poor Malcolm is still being tortured for Bridget’s whereabouts (and is probably back to being a full-on drug addict at this point) while Juliet continues to rebel against Andrew and “Siobhan”. Then there’s Henry, who – in an exciting twist — winds up with his adulterous hand caught in the cookie jar…in more ways than one.

“Clearly we all need to go back to therapy.” – Andrew

I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme throughout this series involves just how different Siobhan and Bridget are. Everything that Siobhan does appears to be driven by revenge, whereas Bridget is driven mostly by a sense to gain redemption for past wrong-doings. Somewhere in their history, Bridget did something terrible that affected both sisters drastically and held dire consequences. Although the real Siobhan didn’t make an appearance during this particular episode, we got a good glimpse at just how far Bridget will go to make things right in her sister’s life. It’s almost like she feels she needs to fix these things as a way of making amends for her past mistakes. For example, when Andrew’s daughter, Juliet, returns we find out that she’s still resentful of the fact that Siobhan is the reason her parents are no longer together and she’s been using drugs as a way to rebel. Bridget sympathizes with what Juliet is going through and looks to make amends for her part in the divorce (or rather her sister’s part). They aren’t exactly BFFs, but by the end of the show, Juliet helps Bridget wipe away the “Whore” mark she wrote on the wall, so that’s progress. Bridget doesn’t really have the time to deal with a teenage girl’s problems, but she makes time even if she gets nothing out of it in return. You’ll see this pattern continue throughout the course of the episode.

“I want you to sleep with my husband or I’ll tell everyone who you are.” – Gemma.

Gemma doesn’t initially believe Bridget’s confession that she’s actually Bridget, not Siobhan, but after noticing that Bridget doesn’t have a burn scar on her wrist like Siobhan, she starts to come around. Gemma decides to keep Bridget’s identity a secret under one condition: she needs to sleep with her husband, so she can catch him cheating. Apparently they have an infidelity clause in their marriage contract, so if she can provide irrefutable evidence that Henry has been unfaithful, he’ll get nothing – no money, no kids, everything will be taken away. So Bridget has a choice to make. She doesn’t want to be unfaithful to Andrew (even though he’s not really her husband so once again that conscience of hers is making things more difficult), but if she doesn’t do what Gemma asks then she could lose everything. Decisions, decisions.

“For the record, I don’t have to do anything you ask me. I don’t even know you.” – Gemma

Once again, Bridget opts to do the right thing rather than save her own skin…which is funny since the whole reason she took over her sister’s life in the first place was to protect herself. But she decides to not follow through with Gemma’s plan and actually ends up telling Henry all about it. She advises Henry to go home and try to make things right between the two of them in order to save their marriage for their kids. He says he can’t do that, but leaves anyway to go confront Gemma about her vindictive plan. Here’s where things start to get a little dicey – Gemma ends up calling Andrew, begging him to come over to the house because she needs to tell him something (I assume about Bridget’s secret), but when he gets there Henry, looking highly suspicious, answers the door and claims that Gemma isn’t there. He also refused to let Andrew into the house, so you suspect he’s hiding something. After Andrew leaves you see blood on the walls and signs of a struggle inside the house with Gemma nowhere in sight. Now we know that Henry’s been having a rough day with his publishers deciding to drop his book and Bridget (playing Siobhan) kicking him to the curb, but did he really KILL Gemma? I definitely did not see that coming, especially from him. Sure, he’s an adulterer, but a murderer too? I don’t know if I’m quite convinced that it’s just as simple as all that. Perhaps there was a struggle or she attacked him and he had no choice. I refuse to believe that this was something he planned (or at least that’s what I hope because he’s just too cute to hate). But according to the latest episode promo, the odds for innocence aren’t in his favor. Now the question is – what really happened and who’s going to be the one to take the fall?