‘Ringer’ Recap: If You Ever Want a French Lesson


ringerS1E3Ringer is trucking right along, ramping up the drama at every turn. It’s now been established that Bridget is going to continue pretending to be Siobhan. She’s been a little back and forth about the whole thing, but she finally decides that she wants to stop running. But you know what that means: trouble is just going to have an easier time finding her. I mean, she just started living her sister’s life and she’s already got one dead body on her hands — a dead body which has since gone missing. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Then again, she’s got the dead man’s cell phone – and we’ve seen how helpful that’s turned out to be so far.

And how about that twin sister of hers? Oh, Siobhan, when are you going to get more screen time? We saw a little more of her tonight, but not nearly as much as I would like. It’s going to be so much more confusing if she becomes more involved in the plot since I have a hard enough time telling the sisters apart as it is, but I think it’ll really add even more suspense to an already gripping show. But for the time being we still have a lot on our Ringer plot plate. Things have gotten a little tense between Bridget and Andrew after she uncovers some information about him. Agent Machado continues on his seemingly never-ending quest to find Bridget. Have you ever spent an insane amount of time trying to find your keys when you realize they’ve been in your hand the whole time? I can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out that what he’s been looking for has been right in front of him the entire time. And then we’ve got Henry and Gemma arguing over an investment — I guess they’ve decided to put that little cheating problem on the back burner for now. And then there’s Malcolm, who was just injected with a whole new set of problems of his own.

“I have the dead man’s cell phone.” – Bridget

Bridget now has the dead hitman’s cell phone, which could be very helpful in finding out who is trying to kill Siobhan, but there’s only one little problem: she’s unable to track the calls or learn about any transactions made over that phone without the help of the police. So, for right now she’s at a dead head (so to speak) at uncovering more to that particular riddle. She does, however, discover a framed photo of Andrew and Siobhan, which happens to match the cropped picture that the dead man had on him when she shot him. This, of course, makes her believe that Andrew is behind the hit. When she relays this information to Malcolm he smartly reminds her that she has no proof of this and tells her to find the connection between the phone and Andrew before jumping to conclusions.

Right after getting off the phone with Bridget, Malcolm is knocked out and taken to see the mob boss who’s after Bridget: Bodaway Macawi. The mobsters beat Malcolm up pretty badly and when he refuses to tell them any information about Bridget’s whereabouts, they inject him with drugs. Just to remind everyone, he’s a recovering drug addict — so this is definitely not good.

“You killed our mutual friend in your loft.” – Mystery Man on the phone

Henry wants to withdraw an investment from Andrew’s firm and we’re not really sure why yet, but Andrew’s partner doesn’t allow it and coyly has Gemma find out about her husband’s actions. This immediately puts an end to any withdrawals. Henry isn’t too happy about his wife’s constant control of their money, so he lashes out at Andrew and storms out.

During the day, the dead man’s phone rings, so Bridget answers it and a man admits that he knows she killed someone. He orders her to place the phone down on the bench nearby and walk away. (Big Brother is watching!) She does what he says, but then quickly changes her mind and walks away with the phone in-hand.

When she’s back at her place (or rather, her sister’s place), Bridget finds a business card for Aubrey Zimmerman, a big time divorce lawyer, in her sister’s planner. She goes there to investigate what her sister was up to there and the lawyer said that he got the impression she was scared of her husband last time she visited. He also thinks Andrew was trying to alter the deed to an apartment on Pratt Street by making it look like it didn’t cost as much as it actually does, so that way if they were to get divorced she wouldn’t get as much money. So Siobhan’s husband has been potentially violent with her in the past and he may be trying to cheat her out of money — this definitely supports her suspicions that he wants her dead. She goes to investigate, but Andrew confronts her about going to see a divorce attorney. He claims the Pratt Street place is worthless and thought they were threw playing games with each other. When she goes to visit the apartment it appears to be a dump and it seems Andrew was telling the truth. But she’s not alone – the man that passed by her when she opened up the trunk to remove the dead man’s cell phone is there waiting for her. He wants the phone (this must be the mystery man who called her earlier and disposed of the body), but Bridget runs away from him and escapes into a cab.

“I just bought myself some insurance.” – Bridget

Scared and unsure of what to do next, Bridget calls Agent Machado. Little is actually accomplished by this little rendezvous, but he admits that he knows a lot about her — her affair with Henry, the money withdrawal she took out of her bank account the other day — so you know he’s bound to get suspicious sometime soon. The dead man’s cell phone rings again (man, that’s a lot of phone calls – is this why the show is called Ringer?), but this time Bridget is the one doing the threatening. She says that if he comes after her then she’ll turn the cell phone over to the police, which will lead them directly to him. This is a nice idea, but I’m not sure she thought this all the way through. Couldn’t he just simply kill her and take the cell phone that way? Unless she plans on hiding it somewhere that he couldn’t easily find, but that would also mean the cops wouldn’t be able to easily find it either. She may want to have a back-up plan.

“If we’re going to move forward then I have to stop listening to other people and trust you.” – Bridget to Andrew

While visiting with Gemma later on that day, Bridget finds that same photo of Andrew and Siobhan around Gemma’s house. Turns out it was their holiday card last Christmas, so now she’s not as worried that it’s Andrew trying to kill her. So she explains the whole divorce attorney visit, saying that she had met with them months ago when they were having problems, but she went over there today to end it because she wants to work things out. Andrew is truly touched by her genuine sentiments and wants them to be completely honest with each other from now on. We’ll see how well that plan goes.

And the episode ends as it always does, with a quick glimpse into the real Siobhan’s actions. She was previously seen in her hotel room and making out with some guy she met at the bar, but suddenly felt sick and asked him to leave. (By the way, does Sarah Michelle Gellar get paid double for playing two main characters?) Anyway, she ends up calling Henry — but doesn’t say a word — while holding a positive pregnancy test in her hand. I wonder how this will affect her mysterious plans now that she knows she’ll be eating for two.