‘Ringer’ Recap: It Just Got Normal

ringerS16E11: After two whole months of nothing but reruns, I’m happy to proclaim that Ringer is back and better than ever — and it’s about time. The writers dropped a huge mid-season finale on us at the end of November and then left us with zilch, nada, nothing for TWO SOLID MONTHS! The show’s plot is complex enough without forcing us to remember things that we learned weeks and weeks ago. Is anyone else a little fuzzy with where we left off? Good, then let’s have a quick run-through, shall we?

Charlie was hired by Siobhan to kidnap Gemma since she knew Bridget was impersonating Siobhan. But Charlie double-crossed Siobhan by blackmailing Bridget to pay him $250,000 in order to get Gemma back. When the plan fell through, Charlie shot Gemma twice (because the first one didn’t stick) and killed her. But no one double-crosses the ultimate double-crosser, so Siobhan showed up and killed Charlie, making it look like he killed Gemma and then himself.

There, now that we’re all caught up we can focus on the latest episode, which was jam-packed with a whole new set of problems. Now that Siobhan’s back in New York City, there are two Siobhans (one real, one fake) running around town and you know it’s only a matter of time until they come face-to-face. But this episode was dedicated more to proving just how easy it could be for the real Siobhan to impersonate Bridget (who is impersonating Siobhan). Did you get all that? The point is that this episode was all about setting the tone for what is to come. No out-right action needed, just a dramatic buildup to hold our interest for whatever happens next. Yes, Siobhan is back and ready to take control of both hers and Bridget’s lives. As the saying goes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

“I just want to forget it happened and then move on.” – Juliet

If you remember, Juliet confided to her friend that Mr. Carpenter attacked and raped her during the mid-season finale. At first I thought she was just saying that because she was angry that he rejected her advances, but now I’m not so sure anymore. Bridget’s noticed that Juliet’s remained oddly quiet throughout these past couple weeks, but Juliet chalks it up to nothing since she just wants to forget it ever happened. But as time goes by and her stress over what happened continues to grow, Juliet confides the truth to Bridget, who then proceeds to punch Mr. Carpenter (does this guy have a first name?) during a school benefit party they’re hosting and orders him to get out of her house. Naturally, Juliet is mortified that the whole world knows what happened and gets mad at Bridget. And while it’s nice how Bridget stuck up for Juliet like that, something just doesn’t sit right with that story. There’s no proof that this actually happened and Juliet doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to telling the truth. Could this be a case of teenage angst gone wrong?

“Siobhan. What kind of a name is that?” – Waitress

Henry has a talk with Agent Machado and expresses his concerns about why the case on Gemma’s murder is being closed. The police are chalking up Gemma and Charlie’s deaths as a murder-suicide, but there are still some things that don’t add up — like the fact that Bridget’s fingerprints were found on evidence from Henry and Gemma’s house (which Bridget planted, by the way). So with these holes in the story, Henry demands some answers, which gives Agent Machado the incentive to do a little digging. He starts to believe Bridget and Charlie were working together and goes to check out a diner where the two of them potentially met up. But after talking to the waitress, he discovers that the woman Charlie was meeting wasn’t Bridget at all…it was Siobhan. So now he knows Siobhan and Charlie were working together, although this means big trouble for Bridget since she’s currently impersonating Siobhan. Welcome to Ringer: a show where nobody takes responsibility for their own actions.

But Bridget seems to be getting closer and closer to the truth about her sister. Even since she stumbled upon that piece of paper in Charlie’s house with Siobhan’s name and the word “Pivione” written on it, she’s been on a mission to figure out what it all means. Thanks to Google, she discovers that Pivione is a name of a flower and after reconnecting with one of Siobhan’s former friends, Greer, she uncovers that it’s also the name of a hotel in Paris — one that Greer spotted Siobhan and Henry at a while back. And I’m sure with just a little more digging, Bridget will be able to piece it all together and find out that the real Siobhan is alive and well.

“I can explain everything, I swear.” – Siobhan

The rest of the episode was pretty much dedicated to Siobhan pretending to be…well…Siobhan, all while trying carefully not to bump into Bridget along the way. As you can imagine, it’s pretty complicated, but she does make a point to run into Henry since she loves and misses him. However, he’s been rejected by Bridget several times at this point, so initially he doesn’t want anything to do with her, but some begging and sad eyes, he agrees to meet up with her later so she can explain everything to him.

But romantic woes aside, Siobhan also seems pretty intent on taking Andrew and his company down. She sneaks into the penthouse to copy the private files of his year-end statements, which I surmise are not exactly on the up-and-up. However, I’m not really sure what she wants this information for — perhaps she intends to blackmail him at some point? We’ll just have to wait and see where that storyline goes. But before leaving the penthouse, Siobhan is able to witness how her sister’s adjusted to living her life…and she isn’t too thrilled with what she finds out (given that Andrew seems much more happy with Bridget than with her). So after starring at her sister creepily in the shower (Psycho shout-out anyone?), she steals the diamond ring Andrew gave her and keeps it as her own. Talk about a low blow!

Of course, all this extra time causes her to be late for her meetup with Henry. But when he confronts Bridget about it, she acts like she has no idea what he’s talking about (because she didn’t talk to Henry, Siobhan did), which angers him even further. So when the real Siobhan shows up at his place acting all lovesick again, Henry demands to know what is going on since she’s acting like two different people (go figure). The episode ends with him flat out asking who she really is. But will she actually decide to come clean and tell him the truth? We’ll just have to tune in next week to find out.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Was it hard for you to tell the difference between Bridget and Siobhan now that they’re in the same city? Do you think Siobhan will tell Henry the truth? Are excited are you that Ringer’s back? Sound off in the comments below!