‘Ringer’ Recap: ‘She’s Ruining Everything’


sarah michelle gellar ringer cwS1E2: The pilot episode of Ringer gave viewers plenty to think about while bringing Sarah Michelle Gellar back to the small screen of fall television. So far we’ve dealt with identity theft, cheating, fake deaths, shootings, and of course the thing that holds all of the insanity together: lying. You’d think that things couldn’t get any more complicated, but this show already has a knack for making the impossible, possible. So just try and stay with me as I attempt to keep track of these twin characters and all the turmoil that seems to be headed their way. Speaking of which, the show left us with a rather interesting (but probably not that surprising) twist last week: Siobhan is alive and well, but not very happy that Bridget seems to be spoiling her little plans, whatever they may be.

But if you were hoping to see a little more of the real Siobhan then you were greatly disappointed. This episode was dedicated to watching Bridget juggle many different levels of chaos. Everything that could go wrong for this girl does. She’s a magnet for disaster. Throughout the show, Bridget’s past starts to catch up with her as she continues to learn more about Siobhan’s complicated life. Andrew and his business partner throw a cocktail party at the loft which attracts some uninvited guests. And Gemma becomes more and more suspicious that Henry is having an affair. So the double trouble continues!

“I shot someone. It was self-defense. He thought I was Siobhan.” – Bridget

We pick up right where we left off. Bridget just shot and killed her attacker who she thought was after her, but it turns out he was really after Siobhan. Of course, we don’t know why yet. So she’s still at the loft trying to clean blood up with a tarp when Gemma walks in. Luckily Bridget hides the body in the tarp just before Gemma enters the room, so she doesn’t suspect anything.

In a panic to escape what she’s done, Bridget returns to her apartment and starts to grab as much cash and belongings as she can, but her husband walks in and tells her to go to bed since she’s pregnant and needs to rest. (For those of you just joining us, Bridget is not pregnant, but Siobhan is, but everyone thinks that Bridget is pregnant since she’s pretending to be Siobhan. Are you still with me?) The next morning Juliet (Andrew’s daughter) shows up after a night of drinking and drugs. Bridget flashes back to when she was going through similar problems and tries to give Juliet advice, but she won’t have it. So Bridget returns her focus to taking care of that dead body still sitting in her loft.

While she’s back at the loft, deciding what to do with the body, Malcolm (her sponsor and close friend) calls her and they plan to meet up so he can help her figure everything out. She’s just about to leave the apartment (with the dead body still lying there) when Victor, the cop who’s after Bridget, knocks on the door. She confronts him and leads him away from the building and hops in a cab before he can start to ask her questions. Is anyone else confused why she didn’t just call the police once she shot the guy? I mean, it was in self defense and the cops think she’s Siobhan, not Bridget, so it shouldn’t have been a problem. She just would’ve had to remove the paper she found that said his orders were to kill Siobhan. That way it would’ve just looked like a robbery that went wrong. But if they did that, then I guess the show wouldn’t be as interesting.

“I am not having an affair. You’ve gotta believe me.” – Henry

Henry is trying to convince Gemma he’s not having an affair and he does such a good job, I’m almost convinced that I made the whole affair up in my head. But then Gemma reveals that the maid found a hotel key card in his pants pocket. Busted.

Bridget uses Siobhan’s credit card to withdraw money from her sister’s account since she’s still planning on meeting up with Malcolm and getting the hell out of there. Once she has the money, it looks like things are finally working out for once, but then Andrew calls and says that the venue for the cocktail party is flooded and they need a new place to host it. Where does he pick? The loft of course…the one that shtill has a dead body in it. Perfect. Bridget protests, but he’s already sent someone over there to begin setting things up, so off to the loft she goes.

Conveniently, no one has touched the bag holding the body yet, so she sends them all out to lunch and places the body in a random trunk that’s lying around. During the party, Bridget keeps runs into Henry who explains that Gemma confronted him about the affair but he denied it and said that he goes to a hotel to write sometimes. He thinks she bought it, but she’s still suspicious. He wants to start things up again with Bridget (thinking she’s Siobhan), but she sees blood leaking from the chest and has to to clean it up.

“It’s been a long time since I felt you were on my side, but tonight it was like I had the old Siobhan back.” – Andrew

While her husband is giving his speech, a cell phone starts ringing and no one is picking up. Sure enough we discover that the dead guy’s cell phone is ringing inside the trunk and everyone is staring at it. Man, this girl just can’t catch a break. So she goes and opens the trunk and grabs the phone just as a suspicious man walks by and looks at her knowingly. Bet we’ll be seeing more of him later.

Later that night, Bridget gets ready to go meet up with Malcolm while everyone is sleeping, but hears Juliet in the bathroom getting sick and goes in to help. She took a pill from a stranger in a bar and wants Bridget to stay with her. Flashback to 9 years ago: the real Siobhan goes to see Bridget in a bar because she’s drunk and broke. Siobhan throws money at her and leaves, so Bridget decides to not let that happen to Juliet. They hug and she comforts her, while Andrew watches in the background. Bridget calls Malcolm and says she can’t leave because for the first time in her life she’s not the one having to lean on people. Instead, others are relying on her for a change and she can’t just abandon them.

Just like last time, we get a glimpse of the real Siobhan just minutes before the episode ends. Siobhan goes to withdraw money from her account, but is informed that all the money is gone. It’s the same account Bridget just withdrew all that money from. Angry and annoyed, Siobhan makes a call and says that something has to be done about Bridget sooner rather than later. Then they immediately cut to Bridget checking on the dead man in the trunk, but he’s gone! Where did the body go? Who could have taken it? Was it that suspicious man that walked by her when she retrieved his ringing cell phone?

And the questions just keep on coming!