‘Ringer’ Recap: That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

ringerS1E10: Can you believe we’ve already reached the Ringer mid-season finale mark? So much has happened, yet there are still so many answers to uncover. But the writers didn’t disappoint because this episode was filled the extra drama and intrigue that has come to make this show not only great, but gripping as well. Suspicion and obsession were both running dangerously high tonight, but who can blame any of the characters, really? (Since they all seem to be lying to each other). And the deception only continues to grow.

On the last episode of the show, we discovered that Charlie is aware Bridget and Malcolm are on to his evil ways and he quickly relayed the realization to Siobhan. I honestly didn’t think he was going to pick up on this right away, although I should really know by now that nothing ever seems to work in Bridget’s favor – and after this episode, even that is an understatement. Love is in the air for Andrew and Bridget, who make plans to celebrate their six year wedding anniversary, but their romantic evening quickly turns into a terrible nightmare. After finally discovering the identity of Gemma’s abductor, Bridget does all she can in an attempt to save her friend, but each plan backfires, which results in some deadly consequences for all involved. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, right? This is turning out to be a killer series…literally.

“Gemma knows too much. I think it’s time to get rid of her.” – Charlie

During Malcolm’s little detective work in Charlie’s house, he takes what he thinks is Charlie’s cell phone, but quickly realizes it’s not Charlie’s phone at all — it’s Gemma’s. So Bridget and Malcolm finally realize Charlie is the one behind Gemma’s disappearance, but they still don’t understand why. What would Charlie want with Gemma? (Let’s remember that Bridget has no idea he’s working under Siobhan’s orders). Malcolm decides to take the information to the police in an attempt to get some answers, but it results in another dead end. The police find nothing incriminating at Charlie’s house (since he had enough foresight to move Gemma to a different location), so they set their suspicions on Malcolm, who, afterall, is a recovering drug addict. But Charlie knows it’s only a matter of time until he’s discovered, so he calls Siobhan and demands immediate payment or he’s going to take care of Gemma…for good. And surprisingly enough, Siobhan cares enough for her friend to agree to come up with the money, but she needs more time. Charlie, however, is fed up playing by Siobhan’s rules and says he’s going to handle things his own way.

“Every time you get involved you make matters worse.” – Henry

Back in Wyoming, Agent Machado discovers that another informant of his was murdered. But before her death she had revealed to Machado that the men after Bridget had a spy in the FBI who they called “the Matador.” At the time, Machado had no clue who the spy could be, but he quickly discovers it was none other than the same guy he arranged to protect Bridget at the very beginning of the series (the one she supposedly stole the gun from and knocked out in order to escape). So, last we saw, Machado was hauling him in for questioning in an attempt to figure out what really happened the night Bridget disappeared.

Meanwhile, Juliet’s unhealthy obsession with her ex-teacher Mr. Carpenter (do we even know this guy’s first name?) continues to grow. Her obvious flirtation doesn’t go unnoticed by Carpenter, who quickly becomes upset and tells her this behavior needs to stop and requests to speak with her privately about the matter. But Juliet later tells her friend that Mr. Carpenter forced himself on her when they were alone, which I’m guessing is a complete lie since she’s just upset that he doesn’t share the same feelings for her. Either way, this guy’s career could be in serious danger. Never underestimate the power of teenage angst.

“That’s what you get for trying to kill me.” – Gemma

Charlie goes to Bridget offering to give Gemma back if she pays him $250,000. She agrees to meet him at Penn Station with the money, but Henry hears about the rendezvous and calls the police, who basically mess up the whole plan (do these guys ever do anything right?). This, of course, upsets Charlie, so instead of arranging another meeting place, he decides to call the whole thing off and ends up shooting Gemma in the trunk of his car. But somehow Gemma is still alive (because apparently his aim is terrible) and makes a feeble attempt to escape. Charlie ends up killing her for real this time, but not before telling her that Siobhan is still alive. (What was the point of this? I have no idea.) But while Charlie is disposing Gemma’s body, the real Siobhan shows up and kills him, making it look like he shot Gemma and then shot himself. Perhaps this was her way of avenging her friend’s death? At least Siobhan’s finally starting to take matters into her own hands now.

Bridget is distraught after hearing the news of Gemma’s death and goes over to Charlie’s house in order to find some answers, but all she finds is a piece of paper with Siobhan’s name and what appears to be a French address on it. This could very well lead to Bridget finding out that her sister is actually alive, but we still have so many questions and so few answers. What’s Siobhan’s overall plan and why did she want Bridget to take over her life in the first place? These answers have yet to be revealed, but one thing’s for sure – now that Siobhan’s back in the city, things are going to start getting really interesting.