‘Ringer’ Recap: The Poor Kids Do It Everyday

ringerS1E6: Last week’s episode of Ringer left us shocked and wondering just how far Henry will go to get his way. So this week, the writers let us pick up the pieces of this growing puzzle and try to make sense of what really happened to Gemma and who exactly is to blame. Of course it’s no surprise that they didn’t make this a very easy task; it becomes a classic case of Who Done It since both Henry and Bridget seem to have motive, yet neither are pleading guilty. But it’s nothing a little double-crossing won’t solve (it seems to be becoming Bridget’s specialty). Sadly it looks like Gemma is dead after all and you won’t believe who ends up taking the fall.

Meanwhile, Juliet struggles with a bully at her new school, but finds an ally in one of her teachers who gallantly comes to her rescue — anyone else sensing a little inappropriateness between these two? You know that’s not going to end well. And Agent Machado takes a break from his 24/7 manhunt for Bridget in order to investigate Malcolm’s disappearance. Finally! I was beginning to wonder why none of his sponsor members were wondering where he went. Let’s show this guy some love – he’s been suffering long enough. One problem though — when the police show up to rescue him, he’s nowhere to be found.

“Tell me what you did to my wife.” – Henry

Everyone starts getting increasingly more worried about Gemma’s whereabouts. Bridget heads over to Gemma’s house the following morning to see if she isthere, but Henry answers the door and demands to know what happened between her and Gemma last night. He admits to cleaning up the blood on the walls and the broken glass, but only because he assumed she did it and his first instinct was to protect her. Apparently the real Siobhan had talked about “taking care” of Andrew and Gemma so they could finally be together without having to sneak around anymore. So naturally he thought she had finally decided to carry the plan out. On the one hand it’s sweet that he chose to protect her from jail, but on the other it’s disconcerting how totally fine he seems with the fact that she killed his wife. However, Bridget knows she’s completely innocent, so she starts to question if Henry’s the real murderer, but he denies playing any part in it…you know, except for cleaning up all the evidence of the crime. But the body is still nowhere to be found. (Have you noticed that seems to happen a lot on this show?) So we’re back to square one, trying to figure out who actually committed the crime.

“So much for a fresh start.” – Juliet

It’s Juliet’s first day at public school and things could not have started out worse for the poor girl. Actually, I should say “rich girl” since that’s how the whole confrontation started. A girl bully was giving Juliet a hard time about being wealthy, so – not wanting to be a doormat – Juliet sticks up for herself and ends up getting into a big catfight in the middle of the hallway. The other girl was the one who started throwing punches in the first place, but no one is backing up Juliet’s story and since she had a less than clean record at her former school, it looks like she’s going to take the blame. But after having a heart-to-heart with one of her young male teachers (Veronica Mars’ Jason Dohring), he decides to cover for her and claims to the principle that he witnessed the whole thing and she didn’t initiate the fight. When Juliet thanked him for coming to her rescue, he stated that everyone deserves a chance to start over. It was really nice of him, but I have this feeling that chemistry is going to develop between the two of them, which could lead to a pretty sticky situation. But on the bright side, she doesn’t seem to be repeating past mistakes — she’s just making all new ones.

Meanwhile, poor Malcolm is still being tortured by Macawi and his gang for information as to the whereabouts of Bridget (who witnessed Macawi murder someone and could still potentially testify against him). Now that they got Malcolm back into his addiction, they’re making him go without it unless he tells them where they can find Bridget. Finally he cracks and says that he’ll tell them everything they want to know. Agent Machado finally looks into Malcolm’s disappearance and ends up getting a warrant to search Macawi’s club, but when they reach the place where Malcolm was kept, he’s no longer there. Did he tell them enough information to set himself free or could he possibly have met the same fate as Gemma? Not from the looks of the next episode promo…he’s the only one who knows all of Bridget’s secrets, but what will he choose to do with them?

“I would like to report someone missing, Gemma Butler. I think she was the victim of foul play.” – Bridget

So Henry says he didn’t kill Gemma, Bridget says she didn’t kill Gemma, but if neither of them did it, then who did? Scared that this whole ordeal could unveil her sister’s past affair with Henry, Bridget concocts a pretty ingenious plan to save her own skin. After finding out from Henry where he disposed of the bloody rags and broken glass, Bridget calls a police tip line and reports that Gemma is missing and gives the location of the evidence. At first you’re totally shocked that she ratted Henry out like that. Even Henry couldn’t believe when he was called into questioning that “Siobhan” would betray him like that, but it turns out that wasn’t her plan at all. Before the police got there, she had put her own fingerprints on the evidence and since no one knows she’s the real Bridget Kelly, then it made perfect sense for her to take the fall. Unless her sister comes back to reclaim her true identity, then things could get even more dicey. Speaking of the real Siobhan, turns out she was the one behind what happened to Gemma, so it looks like Bridget and Henry were innocent after all.

The way I see it though is that there’s more than one person to blame for Gemma’s death. Try as she might, everything Bridget has meddled in has ended up being a complete disaster. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s highly likable and definitely a better person than her evil twin sister Siobhan, but all of her so-called “help” isn’t really doing anyone any favors. If she hadn’t told Gemma her true identity in the first place and then maybe Siobhan wouldn’t have been forced to “take care” of her former best friend. How many more lives will Bridget risk in an attempt to start over?