‘Ringer’ Recap: What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?

ringerS1E12: On the latest episode of Ringer, someone new arrives in town to create even more drama and chaos for Bridget’s ever-complicated life…or lives I should say, given that she’s still trying to juggle two different identities. Still, the show is getting a little carried away with the whole “stolen identity” idea. Seriously, you have to really be concentrating to keep up with it all, which can be exciting, but also tiresome. You don’t want to confuse your viewers too much or they’ll give up out of sheer frustration. So put on your thinking caps everyone because tonight was basically a huge game of Guess Who. Let’s try to figure it all out together, shall we?

“What is your problem, Siobhan? After all, this was my tub first.” – Catherine

Let’s start off with tonight’s surprise guest. In light of the whole Mr. Carpenter situation, Juliet’s mother shows up for support, but all she really does is cause an excess of family drama. Clearly, she has some unresolved anger issues toward Siobhan and Andrew for having an affair while he was still married, so she takes it upon herself to thoroughly overstay her welcome. But the drama really escalates when Juliet’s principal shows up with a disc showing Juliet willingly messing around with Mr. Carpenter in the hallway, making her alleged rape accusation seem entirely less credible. And although Juliet swears that she had a change of heart and told him to stop, Catherine doesn’t believe her and drunkenly starts burning her baby pictures as a way to mourn the death of her daughter, the slut. Nice mothering, right?

So thanks to the disc, Juliet feels she can no longer press charges against Mr. Carpenter (does he not have a first name?). However, later on Tessa — a former school enemy — shows up at the penthouse and confesses that she had been raped by him too and pleads for her to still take the matter to court. It looks like Juliet was telling the truth after all. But does anyone else feel like Andrew is not properly upset over this whole thing? He’s a father; he should be furious that a man attacked his little girl, but I’m just not feeling much rage from him. Is it just me?

“I never stopped loving you, not for a second.” – Siobhan

Now on to the whole Bridget-Siobhan ordeal. Siobhan is trying her best to get a fake passport together in order to return to Paris, so she pawns the diamond ring she stole from Bridget to get some extra cash to make it happen. However, it doesn’t go as smoothly as Siobhan would hope. Bridget is still obsessed with finding out more about the Paris hotel she found written in Charlie’s old apartment, believing it’s connected to her sister. She calls the hotel to find out the dates of Siobhan’s last stay there, but hits a dead end, aside from learning her sister had used her go-to pseudonym: Cora Pharell. But Bridget isn’t about to give up yet; she calls Andrew’s assistant to see if she knows anything about the hotel dates, and she doesn’t. She does, however, mention that Andrew would be going to Paris in a few weeks to meet up with Tyler — yes, Siobhan’s Tyler. (Remember how he mistook Bridget for Siobhan at a business dinner with Andrew earlier on in the season and even called her Cora?) Bridget remembers the run-in right away and decides to immediately give him a call to figure out how he fits into all of this scrambled chaos. Of course, he thinks she’s the real Siobhan and asks her if she met up with her guy Solomon yet. Before Bridget can learn more about it she has to hang up because Andrew walks in (talk about bad timing). This prompts Tyler to immediately call the real Siobhan back on her cell, who quickly realizes that Bridget is getting close to finding her out — and thus making her secret alias unsafe.

“Why did you kill Gemma?” – Henry

Now that Siobhan knows she can’t use her alias, she meets up with her fake passport provider and tells him she needs an entirely new passport with the name Rebecca Sheldrake. After their little rendezvous, she carelessly throws the Cora passport into the trash where it’s picked up by Henry, who has been tailing her all day. When he meets up with Siobhan later that day, he confidently calls her out as being Bridget. He saw her pawn off the ring earlier that day and thought the fake passport was her way to get out of town fast. It all makes sense from his standpoint up until the part where he accuses her of killing Gemma because what would be Bridget’s motive in doing that? But details like that are just conversation starters amid all these twists and turns of Who Dunnit and Agent Machado shows up to haul her in for questioning (because apparently Henry called him). It sounds like a genius double-cross, right? Well, it would be except for the fact that this girl is actually Siobhan, and she has the fingerprints to prove it. Once again, Siobhan manages to weasel her way out of a pretty sticky situation.

But she’s still got her sister to worry about. Before leaving, Catherine mentions to Bridget that she knew about the love letters she and Andrew used to write to each other during their affair. She also mentions that they would jumble words around in the notes as a code to say where they would meet up next. This got Bridget thinking that maybe this guy “Solomon” is another word jumble too, since he was nowhere to be found in Siobhan’s address book. Sure enough, she finds a name that matches and makes a call to meet up for “the usual” in an hour. Upon meeting, Bridget learns that Siobhan went to Wyoming nine months ago, which is where Bridget used to live. Siobhan had told Bridget she had learned of her whereabouts because of the trial, but now it seems she was keeping tabs on her long before that. But why? Bridget is determined now more than ever to find out.

“I’m still pregnant with our child.” – Siobhan

But the show couldn’t end before it left us with one of its infamous cliff-hangers. Siobhan once again meets up with Henry outside the penthouse building where she’s promising to show him something that will help clear things up. And sure enough, Bridget exits a vehicle a few minutes later, proving to Henry that Bridget is impersonating Siobhan and that the real Siobhan is the one standing next to him. She also drops the bombshell on him that she’s still pregnant with their child. Talk about information overload. So now that he knows the truth, what will he do with this information?

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you find it a little too confusing to fully comprehend everything or do you like all the fast-paced action? Can Siobhan really trust Henry to not exploit her secret? Sound off in the comments below!