Rob Huebel Cast On ‘Family Album’

Rob HuebelThis story is exactly what is wrong with the entertainment industry today. Rob Huebel (he’s not what’s wrong with the industry AT LEAST AS FAR AS I KNOW I’M ON TO YOU HUEBEL) was recently cast in the new Fox sitcom, Family Album, about a “headstrong patriarch who, determined to get some quality family time, embarks on a vacation with his extended family.” Huebel is set to play the patriarch’s brother. Now that isn’t so bad — it sounds like another basic Modern Family rip off. But what does suck is that it’s not going to be nearly as good as the pilot that Huebel already filmed for a different show, called U.S.S. Alabama. U.S.S. Alabama was from the creators of Reno 911! and Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant starred in it. The show followed the crew of a United Nations peace-keeping spaceship a thousand years in the future. But FX passed on the show so we won’t ever see it.

Here’s whats wrong: a channel passed on a show from the geniuses behind Reno 911! and now the star has to go to do a Modern Family clone for a network. What the hell, television thrives on the kind of imagination that goes into peace-keeping spaceships and good lord the family sitcom has been done to death. It pisses me off that the industry keeps passing on innovation and creativity in favor of the flavor of the month show.

But to play devil’s advocate for a second, I haven’t seen U.S.S. Alabama and for all I know it could be complete shit. Nor have I read Family Album and considering Shawn Levy is directing the pilot, it very well may be a great show. And these are two different outlets I’m talking about so naturally they would be looking for two different things. It sucks. I would just rather see channels like FX take a chance on a comedy set on a spaceship rather than do another show about a family. But that’s just me.

Source: Deadline