Rob Lowe Channels Drew Peterson in the Trailer for His New Lifetime Movie

Rob Lowe Drew Peterson Lifetime Movie Garage SceneIf you’re the type of person who used to swoon over Rob Lowe (see: most women), be prepared to have all your past memories ruined. Of course, that doesn’t excuse you from watching this mini-trailer for Lifetime’s Drew Peterson: Untouchable before the internet can run rampant with jokes and Tumblr fodder with this solid gold material.

Lowe is miles from his Parks and Recreation character, health nut and Pawnee city manager Chris Traeger, as he dons a classic cop mustache, salt and pepper gray hair and serial killer grimace to deliver to Lifetimiest of movie lines: “I’m untouchable, b**ch.” Of course, this all a little premature on Lifetime’s part because the real Peterson is still awaiting trial, but he’s tried to block the movie from being made multiple times to no avail. That’s likely because as his own lawyer told The Chicago Tribune,”I can’t tell you that the legal precedents are strongly in our favor. They’re certainly not.” Peterson can’t seem to block it from hitting the small screen, but he’s determined to laugh about it. His lawyer also told the Chicago paper that Peterson finds the new trailer “hilarious.”

Something tells me Lowe’s Peterson is not amused by this. Drew Peterson: Untouchable premieres Jan. 21 on Lifetime.

Source: Chicago Tribune