Rob Lowe On ‘Parks and Rec’ Sneak Peek

Can you feel that excitement in the air? Everyone’s smiling in anticipation of the big day, the man we’ve all been waiting for will return in just 37 days. That’s right; Ron Swanson will make his triumphant pine-scented return to television on Jan. 20 with the return of a little show called Parks and Recreation.

It will take its rightful place back in the NBC Thursday night comedy line-up and it looks like the guest star from the Season 2 finale will be around to steal some of Swanson’s manly thunder (yes, I’m aware of what that sounds like, just go with it). Rob Lowe is back, taking his giant horse vitamins, doing pull-ups in his office, being generally perfect and defending his love of concealer? It looks like NBC is pulling out the stops to pull in the viewers for the little show that could, so here’s hoping it works and more people tune in to give Leslie Knope and Co. a chance.

Check out what’s in store for the handsome guest star this season on Parks and Rec.