Robert Downey Jr. Gets Romantic with Wife on Talk Show

Robert Downey Jr. Gets Romantic with Wife on Talk Show

Robert Downey Jr. showed off his romantic side during a recent taping of talk show Inside the Actors Studio when he picked his wife Susan out of the audience and kissed her on the lips.

The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang actor was chatting about his film career to host James Lipton when he credited his producer wife for being the highlight of his film Gothika–the pair met on the set.

Downey Jr. then insisted on wandering into the front row to kiss his wife, saying, “Hi, baby,” and joking, “Take five,” to the audience.

After the crowd’s laughter died down, Lipton asked the actor’s wife what her first impressions of reforming drug addict Downey Jr. were.

She said, “I thought he was weird… The first time we were all sort of up in a room and they had just ordered lunch for us… and we’d all ordered sushi, except Robert, who proceeds to take out this entire case of herbs and a couple of things of oatmeal.

“He had already made friends with our trainer and he had gotten him a bunch of things that were going to make him feel better in a very legal, sober way. He just proceeded to, like, do a couple of yoga moves… He was just odd. I still think he’s weird.”

Downey Jr.: `I Was Hooked on Heroin Throughout Foster Film’

Recovering drug addict Robert Downey Jr. was high throughout the shooting of the Jodie Foster film Home for the Holidays.

The 41-year-old admits the drama about a dysfunctional family was a relaxed experience for him because he spent much of the shoot high on black tar heroin and working on “projects” in his trailer.

He recalls, “If you came into my trailer when I wasn’t working I might have been constructing a large eighth-scale model of the space shuttle and I had lots of projects going on in the room. That was the first time (I was high on the set).”

The Chaplin actor admits he failed to respond to director Foster‘s concern but, looking back, he appreciates she went out of her way to help him.

He tells Inside the Actors Studio, “She said, ‘I know what’s going on and I think you know that I know what’s going on. I’m not worried about you on this film because it’s kind of, like, safe… I’m worried about what will happen if you think you can do this again.’

“I was like, ‘You’re so right, thank you, love you. I’m making tuna melts, do you want a tuna melt?’ (I was) completely oblivious to what she was indicating.'”

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