‘Robot Chicken DC Comics Special’ Trailer Is Ridiculous, Of Course — VIDEO

Robot ChickenPoor, poor Aquaman. As if he wasn’t already the butt of every superhero-related joke (oh, you can talk to fish? Please, tell me more!), the sea-man is the Screech of the Justice League in the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special. Then again, everyone is skewered in the stop-motion laugh riot, so it’s not just poor Aquaman who will receive the comedy treatment when the supersized superhero special premieres on Adult Swim on September 9 at midnight.

IGN has the exclusive trailer for the DC-themed episode, which will lampoon all of your favorite comic-book-but-not-Marvel-comic-books characters, including the Justice League (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.) and the Legion of Doom (oh hey, Lex Luthor and Bizarro!). If you’re even the smallest fan of any DC characters, you’ll find the trailer below thoroughly hilarious on all counts:

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[Photo Credit: IGN]