Roland Emmerich Will Try TV with a Supernatural Pilot For ABC

Roland EmmerichEverything about Roland Emmerich screams big screen. The last eight movies he directed were about the takedown of the greatest writer in human history, the apocalypse, mammoth-hunting, the apocalypse (snow version), the Civil War, Godzilla, the apocalypse (alien version), and interplanetary teleportation. So, you might be surprised to learn that the writer/director’s next project is a television script.

Emmerich is developing an untiltled TV project for ABC that will combine the elements of politics, physics and the afterlife. Emmerich co-wrote the pilot with writer/composer Harald Kloser (who collaborated with Emmerich on the scripts for 2012 and 10,000 B.C.), and will also direct the episode.

The story is centered on an astrophysicist whose entire scientific ideology is compromised when he learns, through some (presumably) supernatural means, that his “destiny lies…somewhere between heaven and hell.” The story is also set in the near future, during the upcoming 2012 presidential race.

Emmerich has thus far reserved his writing (primarily) and directing (exclusively) for the big screen, but has acted as producer on programs such as The Visitor and Godzilla: The Series, but I doubt anyone expected himto immerse himself in the world of television. However, the project does sound interesting, as it touches on some of the most innately fascinating aspects of humanity and society: politics, science and spirituality. The question is: will the quality of this new, untitled series mimic that of some Emmerich greats (like Stargate and The Patriot), or some of his more forgettable features (like the aforementioned 2012)?

Source: Variety