Russell Brand Crawled Across Grand Central Station’s Floor: Late Last Night

Russell Brand talked with Jimmy Fallon about what it was like to crawl across the floor of Grand Central Station. He also was just hilarious, because pretty much everything Russell Brand says is just hilarious.

Norm MacDonald stopped by The Late Show to show David Letterman about his new tweeting skills. Turns out, he’s in a big Twitter-feud with Steve Martin regarding a hat or something. That doesn’t really matter, though, because c’mon, what’s funny about this clip is the fact that neither one of these dudes understand technology at all. Oh, old people.

Sammy Hagar told Jay Leno about his new book and recounted what it was like to be abducted by aliens. Apparently, they “downloaded” stuff from his brain “before computers existed” and it was “during a dream.” So, uh, yeah — that’s just a dream, dude.

Greg Kinnear stopped by Conan and chatted about the art of speaking gibberish. Seriously. These dudes just spent like four minutes talking about how to speak gibberish. Yeah, that’s television, folks.

Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by The Daily Show and revealed to Jon Stewart that Jake Gyllenhaal is the actual host of The Daily Show. Wait. What? THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

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