Russell Brand to Host a Late Night Series on FX

Russell BrandWe know that Russell Brand is…energetic. But two new potenital television projects announced in one week? That’s lunacy. On Monday, we heard that Brand was in talks to develop an animated series—something that, based on that information alone, is definitely interesting. But what’s even more interesting, and likely a lot more chaotic, is an unscripted take on politics and current events starring the comedian. FX has ordered such a project as a late night series.

The network—which is responsible for masterful pieces of comedic television like Louie, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League—has ordered six episodes of the project in question. On the show, Brand will deliver his take on current events, pop culture, and whatever else enters his manic vortex of a mind. Brand is definitely a comic presence, the question is: does he have the stamina (both figuratively and literally…seriously, the guy jumps around a lot) to maintain a long-running series?

But this series could be a good one. If FX is looking to get into the late night talk show game, then an unconventional character like Brand would be a perfect match for the offbeat network. And might we see Katy Perry leading the house band? One can dream.

The series is set to launch in the spring of 2012.

Source: TVLine