Ryan Gosling Got a Tiny Oscar From Peter O’Toole: Late Last Night

Ryan Gosling chatted with David Letterman last night about the time he didn’t win an Oscar. Apparently, it was a very interesting night because he sat next to Hollywood legend Peter O’Toole who got a little too close to Gosling’s sister. Drama and hilarity ensues. Enjoy (and let’s face it, you will enjoy anything Ryan Gosling talks about because the dude is so darn charming).

Jimmy Fallon sure knows how to bring the best out in his guests. Last night, he convinced Blake Sheton from The Voice and from a little something called Country Music to do a duet of “Escape” a.k.a. The Pina Colada Song. And it was pretty fantastic — but mostly because Fallon is wonderfully insane.

Finally, if anyone can bring some charm to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, it’s Craig Ferguson. He stopped by to chat with Jay and it was just lovely…and extremely Scottish. You’ve got to love this guy.