Ryan Gosling Thinks He’s ‘Trying Too Hard’: Late Last Night

Last night, a very Ryan Goslingy Ryan Gosling appeared on The Tonight Show, and finally addressed outright the whole “he’s trying too hard to be cool” issue that so many of us have debated. He then made a conscious effort not to be cool, discussing a few times he was self-conscious, as well as a childhood story about when he fell in love with motorcycles. Prepare to be charmed.

Taylor Lautner visited Conan to discuss his gratuitous shirtlessness, to punch Conan O’Brien in the stomach, and to share stories about getting rowdy in senior citizen bowling alleys.

Finally, Andy Samberg reunited with his old friend Jimmy Fallon on Late Night to show a couple of pictures of his recent gigs…including neck-removal surgery, dancing with nuns, naked kite surfing on Richard Branson’s back, being a flower girl at the Kardashian wedding and playing Maria Bello’s hat on Prime Suspect. This is why Andy Samberg will always be awesome, but will never be a real person.