Ryan Lochte Takes a Dip with Joan Rivers — VIDEO

Ryan Lochte Joan Rivers Fashion PoliceWe’re not entirely sure how a man who spends 98% of his waking hours in a swimsuit is exactly qualified to be the ultimate judge on fashion (but then again, the jury’s still out on Kelly Osbourne‘s credentials), but Ryan Lochte is sure to provide us with some brilliant sound bites when he appears on E!’s Fashion Police on Friday. Put “I love swimming because racing” Lochte in the same room with zinger queen Joan Rivers and you’re guaranteed television magic.

In a fun sneak peek of Friday’s episode, Rivers leads Lochte by the hand to the nearest aqueous location, the fountain outside the Fashion Police set in the E! courtyard. Noticing how at home Lochte immediately felt once he submerged himself in the “pool,” Rivers asked, “Are you peeing?”

A stoic Lochte deadpanned, “I am. I’ve been waiting to this whole time.” For some reason, we almost believe him.

Watch the clip below:

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[Photo Credit: E!]


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