Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Horror Story’ Gets Full Season Order

ryan murhpyWell, it looks like Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk aren’t going off television for a while. Despite basically shaking everything up and cleaning house on Glee, their other show for FX, America Horror Stories, is ordered to series with a full 13 episodes. FX is reportedly eying a Halloween launch. While most shows are only brought to a full series closer to their actual air dates, AHS tested so well that FX ordered up the whole she-bang. While Glee has a certain charm about it, when Murphy goes dark he’s never better (case in point: he directed Eat, Pray, Love, but he also created Nip/Tuck) and this show promises some incredibly creepy television. Plus, with FX behind it already and the network’s incredible track record, we’re excited.

American Horror Stories follows a couple (Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton) who move into a new house after McDermott’s character has an affair, only the house seems to know all their fears and thus plays on them. Another creepy element is that the couple’s housekeeper appears differently to each of them. There’s a chance the series could be cheesy or handled poorly, but for now it’s full of potential.

Source: Deadline