Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Horror Story’ Trailer Doesn’t Look ‘Glee’-Ful

When you think “Gothic horror television” the words “from the creators of Glee” don’t generally spring to mind. Yet Glee head honchos Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are behind the new FX series, American Horror Story.

Story follows the Harmon family, who move into a Los Angeles mansion but soon discover that its former tenants may be their current roommates. The first trailer gives us a look at some of the ghouls, which include a man on fire, the requisite young girl, and a person who IMDB ominously describes as “Rubber Man.” Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton star as the Harmons.

The series marks a return to horror, and to FX, for Murphy and Falchuk, who created one of the network’s first original series, the melodramatic Nip/Tuck. The series was picked up last month by FX, but is already preparing for an October 5 premiere.

It can be difficult to sustain horror over a television run – commercial breaks tend to kill the tension, and you know that none of the top-billed cast is going to die. But some shows, like Supernatural and Dexter, have managed to incorporate horror into their longer-running narratives. Can American Horror Story make it work? Watch the trailer and let us know what you think.

Source: THR