Ryan Reynolds Asked His Stuntman to Put on Some Underwear: Late Last Night

If you’re one of those folks who gets really jealous of Hollywood stars who are impossibly charming, good-looking, incredibly cool and completely unhateable to boot, get ready to be so angry you can’t stand it. The star of Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds, stopped by The Late Show to talk to David Letterman in the most charming fashion about “baby arms” and certain stuntmen who refuse to wear appropriately supportive undergarments. And you guys thought the green suit from the movie was questionable?

NERDS: J.J. Abrams was on The Daily Show last night talking about editing Super 8 in a cave, talking to fans about his shows and movies, and how some folks find more meaning in his mysteries than he does. If you like entertainment in any way, shape, or fashion you should probably watch this.

Betty White was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, being adorable and feisty as usual. She played a little game of Password with Jimmy to make up for beating him at beer pong last time she was on the show, but things got a little weird when the clue was a bit of a “weiner.”