Ryan Reynolds Brings ‘Mayors Of Casterbridge’ To NBC

Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds is looking to get back into TV, but unfortunately this time as a mature executive producer and not a shirtless, refuses-to-graduate, party planning super hero.

The actor’s production company Dark Trick Films produced the comedy Mayors of Casterbridge, which has just been picked up by NBC. Reynolds and producing partner Jonathon Komack Martin procured the project from writer mastermind Craig Doyle. If NBC decides to order a pilot then it will star four geriatrics who try to save their unique community from a greedy youngster who wants to turn it into another stale lifeless neighborhood.

The series has been pitched as “Old School meets Gran Torino” which sounds nothing short of awesome. Old people are always funny because they know exactly what they’re doing and they know they can get away with it precisely because they’re ancient. David Letterman keeps getting better. Betty White seemingly took over the internet without messing up her perfectly white hair.

By spotlighting the “sexagenarian in all his vitality, rage, corrosive wit and bottomless immaturity,” said Reynolds, Mayors will offer the viewer insight on the elderly not seen since The Golden Girls. And honestly, immaturity at any age always makes for good television.

Though Reynolds won’t be staring in the show, he could make a cameo and possibly have a recurring minor character part. And if said character shows up shirtless (just a suggestion!), then this series will be golden.

Source: Deadline