Ryan Seacrest Officially Never Sleeps: His NBC ‘Today’ Deal

Ryan Seacrest IdolWhat is it like to be Ryan Seacrest? No, really. I want to know. How does one host a radio show, act as managing editor of E! News, man every big red carpet, host American Idol twice a week, have a smoking hot girlfriend, produce all of E!’s biggest reality shows and add another news gig on top of all that? Clearly, he’s a superhuman.  

NBC is looking to the lucky charm host to add some pep to their lineup of news and infotainment; in addition to reporting for NBC News during the Olympics, he’s entered into a multiplatform deal across NBC and E! properties. “We look forward to his continued role on E! and to having him appear on many new places across NBCUniversal, including the TODAY show and at the Olympics. This is a great example of how NBCUniversal is able to provide the perfect home for some of the best people in the business,” said NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke in a press release.
What does this mean for America? Is there any place we won’t find Seacrest? Does he secretly have a handful of clones that do his bidding? Will Americans actually vote if Ryan Seacrest hosts their election coverage? Does he sleep with his eyes open? So many questions, yet while we waste time wondering, odds are Seacrest is already lining up another job.


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